Romeo: SettleMature

I think Isettledin and I must admit this Merc guy was quite friendly and sorta funny. I was nice but not too friendly towards him still. I guess that just means I was my plain old self. The laid back guy of the group. Shayne was next to Juiliette and at one point I saw him take her hand.

She looked slightly shocked giving him a sort of sweet look before squeezing his hand back. Merc didn't notice. I think he was too busy charming the girl sitting up to the table behind us. He was doing well and I ate my ice-cream with a sort of half-small-smile on my face. No one noticed really except possibly Shayne who was making convosation and trying to always pull me in. I easily backed out which allowed him to be able to talk with Juiliette.

She seemed a nice girl. I don't know and I didn't really want to. I mean Shayne's my mate and I don't want to do the whole Shakespear thing. Its like Shayne is Paris but in this version Juiliette is in love with him. It made me relax about the whole Romeo and Juiliet thing which was good cause it meant I was more friendly.

"Yo, Rom" I raised my eyebrow at Merc slightly. "Don't mind me calling you that right? Good, anyway wanna come to the party tonight"

"The one you were told we couldn't go to" Juiliette added.

"Yeah, we're still going right, Shayne"

"I got given permission" Shayne replied with a shrug.

"Juju?" Merc inquired.

"Fine" she gave in with a sigh leaning slightly into Shayne.

"Rommie-boy?" I looked at Merc with a slight glare. "Okay, guess thats to far. So, what about you Rom? Wanna come?"

"I can come" I reply which Merc whoops to then turns back to the girl at the other table. Shayne chuckles while Juiliette rolls her eyes with a smile. Guess this is just a normal day. That's when she walks in. "Allie!" I gasp coming to my feet in a sudden rush.

She turns to the sound of her name her bright eyes meeting mine. She gasps in shock and put a hand over her lips. "Romeo!?!" She says with shock. Then before I know it I'm across the ice-cream palour pulling Allie familiar build into my arms. She holds me back just as tightly as I hold her and buries her face in my neck. "Oh, Romeo" she whispers.

"Wow, you know Allenia?" Merc says as I eventually pull out of my fierce embrace with Allie.

"Know her?" I laugh with shock.

"He's my bestest friend and the only person I've ever loved. Oh, Rommie" She hugs me tightly again.

"Well, this is a massive turn of events" Shayne adds with a chuckle.

"Wait, love? Does that make you two a couple?"

I'm about to reply 'not really' but Allie jumps in. "Yes, we sorta are" she replies smiling at me and stroking my cheek.

"How are you here?"

"I moved just after you moved to Spain"

"Really?" I laugh with slight glee and maybe a hint of utter shock that might make me seem slightly insane.

"Mhmm" she says with a nod.

"Care you two love birds to join us?" Shayne chuckles. I smile, nervous all of a sudden. I look at Allie who nods. I take her hand and lead her over holding her chair out for her as she sits down before sitting myself.

"Okay, this is getting way to crowded in a love-fest for my liking. I'm getting back to school. Classes start in 10 minutes"

"Maybe we should go then" Juiliette says standing. We all follow her in leaving and soon I have to leave Allie at the form room door. She's in another class and my heart lurches when she lets go of my hand walking off with a pained expression. No one asks any questions. Merc seems to act like normal, Shayne and Juiliette have gotten closer and I can't stop thinking about how Allie's here. Oh and then theres that party.

The End

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