I'm still muttering on the ground beside my bike when Gordy saunters over.

"What a bitch," he says goodnaturedly, helping me up. "Watch the 'wheels, Hurley, or they might try something more."

"Bitch!" I spit the word. "Gawd, does that son-of-a-motherfucker have to ruin EVERYTHING?"

Gordy pats me on the back. "Just forget it. There are plenty of other fish in the sea."

I can't help a last glance after her retreating form. "She's beautiful."

"And so are the college girls throwing a party at the lake tonight."

Suddenly I snap out of it. "What? College girls?"

Gordy smirks. "Hot. College girls. In need of some college men."

Grinning, I mount my bike and pass the helmet to my best friend. "We ain't quite college guys...but we'll do."

The End

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