Mercutio - Tybalts ReturnMature

Who did he think he was? turning up out of the blue, suntanned with one epic bike I must admit, smoozing up to Juliette when she's obviously with her sort of boyfriend! Geez, Tybalt was an idiot. We'd been friends once, but even though I fit the bill as a 'bad boy'; he thought I was a nerd. It's not as if I tried to be a 'bad boy' to get into his gang. I am the way I am. But no way did I want to join him now, I was his friend and he dropped me yet still thought that my cousin was fair game. Well it's time he learnt that he was a prick.

"Hey jerkwad, wassup?"

"Hey Tybalt - there's a problem here."

"And that would be?"

"You're where Shayne should be. Now he's too much of a pussy to stand up to you but I suggest you get away from my cousin before I forceably make to stay away."

"Woah there Merc, back it up. You see, Juju here is my girlfriend."

"What you sick son of a bitch! Get your fucking arm off me you prick!" At which point, and I have never seen this Juju kneed him in the bollocks.

He immediately fell to the floor clutching his crotch. "You bitch! You'll fucking pay for this."

"Come on Juliette, I shoulda done that first, I owe you an ice-cream."

"Thanks. I reiterate, you're the bestest cousin ever."

"And I reiterate, save the cutesie talk for Shayne."

"He's next to you."


"You fucking bitch. How am I supposed to be on the football team with crushed bollocks?" Tybalt calls after us.

"I don't know how, but you shoulda thought about that before you let your brain function though them!" I shout back at him.

"That took more balls that I got."

"Shayne, don't we a twat."

"Erm... guys?"

We turn round. Romeo.

"Can I tag along - I don't want to be round when stops complaining on the floor."

"Yeah sure - he's just a fucking hypochondriac, thinks if we feel sorry for him Juju'll put out."

"You guys are thinking about sex at our age?"

"No - Tybalt and his gang do. I think a few gropes is as far as most people have got."

"Weird - other schools are a lot worse."

"I see. So what flavour is your favourite?"

"You're seriously taking me along?"

"Yeah, we're truced ain't we?"

"Yeah. I guess strawberry?"

"Cool two scoops, my treat. I'm buying for everyone else."

"Thanks. But you don't have to."

The End

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