Romeo: Day TwoMature

I was slightly shocked how the next day seemed to feel better. Shayne picked me up in his car and we had a sort of music taste discussion on the way. He preffered Kings of Leon and I preffered ACDC. We both liked the other but each wanted our own on. It just ended up in having to listen to the radio and both of us laughing our heads off.

It felt nice to relax even though the moment we got to school I tensed up again. Shayne looked at me with a slghtsympathetic look but I merely shrugged looking at the floor. We made our way towards the school but then Shayne stopped. I didn't notice it for a moment but I followed his gaze to fine him watching that Juiliette with a love torn expression. "Shayne" he turned to look at me. "You go talk with her I'll be fine"

He nodded and smile thankfully and maybe a bit embarassed but he quickly raced off. I shook my head and began my journey back towards school. Its then Merc came up to me. "Hi!"

I remained silent and he seemed to glare. "Look, I'm only trying to be nice you emo"

"I'm not an emo" I say calmly.

"He speaks!" he lets his arm hang round my shoulder. "Okay, mate, this is how its gonna go. Shayne talked to me and told me that I should back off a bit. So I willbutonlycauseI respect him"

"Why do you dislike me?" I ask stepping out of his 'friendly' embrace.

"Dude, can't you see how you act. You're rude, a loner and yet you've got all the girls running wild"

"I don't want that" I reply.

"Then chillax, live a little" Merc said with a shrug. He holds out his hand. "Truce?"

"Truce" I say shaking his hand and he smiles. I don't smile back and the moment we let hands I hear the roar of a motorcycle I turn to look. Merc besides me swears. "Who is that?" I point at the guy getting off the bike.

"Tabult, stay out of his way. Damn, I though he was on holiday" Merc seemed a bit nervous yet also planly pissed off. Who was that guy? He walked up to Juiliette like a bodyguard and a few words between him and Shayne before he sent Shayne walking. Juilliette looked sad and annoyed as Shayne came to stand with us.

"Merc" Shayne said nodding acknowledgly.


"Damn, why is Tabult back?"

"Bad luck, mate. He's gonna be watching Juilliette like a hawk"

I frown. This obviously wasn't good and when Tabults eyyes met mine I knew I was also in the firing range.

The End

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