Mercutio - SleepytimeMature

After lunch we had maths... snoozefest at the worst of times, mildly analgesic when it was good. Did maths and good get used in a similar context? I'm getting nerdy.

The teacher was in the background going over simultaneous equations, not that I needed to listen, I got it right first time.

"Merc - do pay attention, these are your grades and eventual future."

"I'm listening."

"Okay, come up here and solve this equation."

I get up and take the board marker off her.

3x + y = 7

3x - y = 5


"Too difficult Mr. Robins?"

"No - But I find it an insult to my intelligence when x=2 and y=1."

"Fine, I'll find a harder one"

At the back of the room was a shout, "That's what she said!" 

"Quiet Darren. Okay Merc, this one shouldn't be to easy for you."

I pass her the pen back and stand arms crossed while she squeaks a new equation on the board.

"Try that on for size."

"As you say."

6x + 2y = 2

5x - 7y = 6

I mark out a graph on the board and start plotting points. The ring where the lines intersect.

"x= 1/2 and y= -1/2."

"Sit down Mr. Robins, At least look as if you're listening in future."

"Well if I get bored of doodles I'll feign some interest."

"Just sit down." she sighs.

Finally, she's off my back and I can fall asleep again until she feels the urge to make me look an idiot again. It's not that I don't want to look like a nerd, that doesn't bother me. It's not as if I find it too easy, I did have to pay some attention at first, but they don't challenge me any more. 

At the end of class Mrs. Kyle  asks me to wait behind.

"See ya later man." Darren calls as he leaves for French or as he would have it, French kissing with Claudine the French tutor.

"Yeah, tell Claudine I'll be late."

"Will do." And he's out the door.

"So, Mercutio, why are you in my class again."

"But isn't this the top maths group?"

"Yes, but I mean, you sit there doodling, texting or chewing gum and hardly pay any attention. Yet you get perfect grades."

"Well I can pay attention."

"But what would be the point, do you need to be put in the grade above?"

"No... don't that's social suicide."

"Ah, I see, you're a secret studier, don't want your little friends to catch on."

"Nah, that doesn't bother me. I just learn it, store it to memory and want to move on. It feels like I just don't find it hard any more."

"Well rather than changing your class you could have  The textbook for the next grade."

"And be tutored separately while being here?"

"Yes, in a way. The whole class would be doing the same topic, but you'd have study materials of a higher grade."

"That could work."

"Excellent. On the first chance I get I'll take Textbook A out of the library on extended loan and you can start in next lesson."

"I suppose that's cool."

"Have you ever thought about doing your exams earlier?"

"I could, but why not just do them when everyone else does, I'll be doing nothing for a few terms while they're still revising and shit."

"Suit yourself - best get off to your French lesson don't you think?"

"Yeah." I grab my bag from the desk and go to leave.

"Oh and in future, if I see your phone out I'll confiscate it."

"Yes miss."

I head down the corridor to room 207. Claudine ushers me in and I get the space next to Darren.

"Get a bollocking mate?"

"Nah, just told me to get my act together and pay attention."


"Silence. Pouvez-vous revenir à votre livre s'il vous plaît?"

"Oui Madmemoiselle Claudine." Darren is such lick-arse! I nudge him in the ribs  for good measure.

The End

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