Romeo: In the ShadowsMature

I hated the states I had decided. People here were one, too judgy, two, wouldn't leave me to myself and three, had a crush on any moderately hot guy in a few seconds. I didn't like it here. I wanted to be left alone just like I was at every other school I moved too. This one was different though. My looks made me instantly popular and wanted.

Although, I couldn't say that hadn't happened before but in those school they still left me alone for the first few days. I think I had already pissed of one person. Did he say his name was Merc? I think it was also from the shakespears play I was also named from.

Didn't Romeo kill this Merc character? I wasn't sure. I had never read the play even though I knew the story. Only cause my mother told me the story. That was before she had died with cancer and my fifteen year older sister Kate had begun to take care of me.

Most of the girls in this school though were also trying to gain my affection, I could only guess. Their flirting was obvious and their tatics clear as an open sky. Was it the fact I was from England that got them so wound up? My looks? Or was it that strange fasination some girls have with loner boys? I don't know and I don't really care. When I said most girls as well I meant pretty much every girl without a boyfriend. I think also a couple even had boyfriends.

There was one girl though. A girl's whose name I did not know and had only the chance to come into contact once. She didn't seem even mildly interested. In fact her attention was turned on this other boy... Shayne.

I met him in my last lesson.

"Yo, Dude" I looked up to see a smiling face.

"Hi" I said simply.

"Wow, you really are proper English, aren't ya?"

"Yes" I replied simply. I don't know why I was even bothering making conversation but there was something about this guy. I soon worked it out. This guy was relax. He hadn't judged me yet but his eyes said he was slowly building a view up.

"You don't talk much do you?"

"No, I prefer..." Why had I decided to explain myself? Well, I had to finish now. "..I prefer to remain apart. I move so frequently"

"Ah, you might as well untense though. Its a bit... how can I say it? Cold? Emoish? I don't know but its not gonna help ya"

"How should I act then?"

"Relax, possibly make some friends. In fact, I'm Shayne" he held out his hand and I shook it.


"Really?" I nodded. "Awesome, I want to be Romeo but thats mainly only for one person" he looked across at a girl sat with a bunch of friends. The girl who had spoke to me early, telling me to move but also being helpful and saying where there was a free seat.


"That girl" he pointed at her. "That girl is Juiliette"

Juiliette.... Juiliet..... I felt my heart skipt a beat. Was it merely coincidence that she had that name? I guess so, I mean its not like it made a difference. "Well, if I could give it you, you could have my name"

"Nah, its okay" Shayne says now having sat next to me. "So wanna be friends?"

"Sure" I said with a small smile and a nod. "Can you help with me with something?"


"This Merc guy..."

"Ah, yeah, Juiliette's cousin. I'll talk to him. We get along okay. If he's pissed off at you he won't like you in a heartbeat but I could talk to him about maybe staying back a bit"


"You're welcome"

Thats when the teacher came in. Well, at least there would be one person I could talk to freely and that Merc... at least he'd ease of the pressure maybe. It might help if I tried to be more friendly. There was something about him though. A feeling I would never be able to trust him. I guess we should just stay out of each others personal space.

The End

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