Mercutio - Oh woe is me; I'm the sad loner of Class CMature

After class Darren and I were sitting behind the bike shed, listening to the incessant slurpings of a couple while enjoying some remarkably good rollies.

"Did you see him though? He just sat there and didn't speak, I could have knocked his bloody teeth out and the fucker'd have sat there silent."

"Yeah I know Merc, I was sitting right behind you."

"But it was so stupid, either he's the thickest plank you'll ever come across or he's a little whiny ass emo bitch. I vote second." I take another drag.

"Ha yeah, he'd most probably have been like 'Thanks, now my smile is as holey and as black as my soul!' he'd have most probably enjoyed it too Merc." Geez his skit on the new kid was funny. He did a motion of cutting his wrists with the lighter, tracing a crying smile.

"True, hey did your sister roll these, they aren't your usual standard."

"Nah, she taught me last night, I'm now fag-master elite."

"That's because you're a fag Darren."

"Oi - fag as in cigarette shitferbrains."

I stub out the end and get off the mossy brick wall. "Best be off, Juju wanted me to join her for lunch and Aunt Bea'll have my guts for garters if I so as put a toe out of line."

"Ooooh, how is the fine ass Aunt Bea?"

"Grumpy and strait-laced as usual."

"Still up on you ditching Juju last time, you know, when we all went out for spin in Kay's car."

"Oh yeah, if you ever think I'll live it down - you're wrong."

"Ha - was fun though, that face she made - I could'a died laughing."

"I 'could'a died' from the grounding she somehow imposed on me without my parent's permission. Do you realise I was timed on the way home for two weeks. No time to buy baccy or papers, I was cold turkey when I finished that pouch."

"Well I'm off to Soccer - Coach'll most probably tell me you missed a few'a the football tryouts but you know you'll be in at the drop of the hat when he gets of his high and mighty horse."

"Yeah. See ya soon mate."

"You too."

When I got to the cafeteria I swear half the place were fixated on the new guy. I admit, if I was a girl I'd most probably want him. But seriously, he was such a moody loner over there with the ravioli congealing on his plate that it completely overrode the 'cuteness' of him.

"Hey wassup bitch." Juliette turned round in her chair.

"Hey Merc. Stacey's creating a three tiered attack for the new guy and the food is crap."

"I see. What do girls see in those loner types?"

"Omigod! Merc! He's so emotional and lost, how would you feel on the first day in a strange school in a new country? He's from ENGLAND! Not down the road like you and your redneck friends."

"Calm it Stace. I was wondering, and seriously I live close, and yeah wanna explain how much you loved a few of these rednecks?"

"Oh shut it Merc."

"So Juju, wanna go grab some lunch from cross road?"

"I don't have any money on me." She fiddles with her fingers.

"I'll pay - lets blow this crapshack."

"Thanks, you're the bestest cousin ever!"

"Yeah, save your cutesie talk for Shane, he'll be more appreciative."

I glance over at the new kid, I swear he's planning on going ape and having a major shoot-out in the corridor. There's that maniacal glint in his eyes that says, 'I may be emo, but I'll cut you just as easy'.

The End

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