School of the Popular FishMature

Juliette Alexandra

After Lunch 1:15

After lunch my girlfriends and I all walked together in a large clump. We would slowly drop each other off at class, until only a few were left, then we would all go to our classes. Although we weren't bitches, everyone dodged us like we were. As if we would start terrible rumors about anyone that didn't get out of our way. I waved at anyone I knew and flashed a bright smile. My cousin Merc-his real name is Mercutio- walked next to me, trying to keep up with our quick pace. "We got a new student. His name is Romeo." He told me with a snicker.

"Okay. What's his real name?" I asked him, figuring he saw some boy that he thought would be cool for me to go out with and called him Romeo.

"Romeo." He told me in a flat tone. He was serious. I nodded and watched him fall behind, turning to go to his fifth period.

I rolled my eyes and dropped off Carissa and Nicole, and then dropped off a few more other girls, then went into my own fifth period with Stacey, Algebra 1.  I noticed someone new out of the corner of  my eye, sitting in my seat. I figured it was Romeo.  I walked over to my seat, my black and white polka dotted wedges making a soft thump. "Ahem.  That's my seat." I told him in a whisper. "No one sits in that seat though." I said pointing to the desk behind me. I whispered because I didn't want to draw attention apon myself, or Romeo.

He grabbed his stuff quickly and moved, making no noise whatsoever. "You better move." Stacey said, making me nudge her.

"Be nice." I told her with a disciplinary look.

"He is kinda cute though." She whispered with a wink. Of course Stacey would think he was cute. She was  so boy crazy if you looked it up it would say Stacey Vilgren, with a picture of her staring at some boy.

He was kind of cute though, but Shayne was my focus at the moment. Can't be pulling a Stacey.

The End

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