Romeo WolfMature

I didn't like the idea of this new school. I didn't fit well in the whole moving buisness malarky either, ever since Kate got her new job. I sighed as I was escorted along the foreign corridors of yet another new high school. I was hoping finally this was the one I'd settle down in and get to finally make some friends. Not like I'd ever find one like Allie.

Oh, Allie with her beautiful long hair and gorgeous bright open eyes. My first love.... My only love. I hated though the fact her catholic parents wouldn't let us be together even when we confessed our love. Allie wasn't catholic. She stopped at a young age because she hated being pressured by her parents all the time to be a good catholic.

Suddenly, my attention was drawn back to the real world and I merely stared at the door of room 45 as the head teacher of the school knocked on the door. When I entered after the head teacher I was not surprised to find most eyes drawn to me. I also wasn't surprise by the gasps from nearly every girl in the room as they took in my healthy build. Yes, I was 14 turning 15 in three days but.... I knew I looked older.

The head teacher whispered to the main teacher who looked at me and smiled. "Lets introduce you to the class then shall we" the teacher said as the head teacher left giving me a reasuring pat. Not like I needed one. I nodded almost bored as I watched the teacher face the class. I generally did as well mildly scanning the room and not finding anyone of interest.

I heard whispers though, "Oh, his eyes they're so hypnotising" "He's so fit" "Oh gosh, attractive much". I sighed looking at the floor in what could be seen as a depressed manor.

"Class, I would like to introduce a student. Romeo Wolf from London, England"

The End

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