Hand on the Bible, I'm Telling the TruthMature

Teenagers' lives, honest to god. Every thought that went through their head, in this excersise.

Juliette Alexandra


September 15th, 2011

Wednesday 12:34pm

Miami High School 


I sat next to Becca and Stacey, eating some icecream. I was telling them how Shayne Taylor asked me out in first period. "Hey Sandals. I was wondering if you would like to go to the movies next Friday. I would say this Fri; but I gotta go to my dad's. :/ You can pick any movie you want, even a chick flick. IDC honestly, I just wanna chill wit you." Stacey read outloud to Becca and the other girls at the table. She giggled at the last part and hugged me. 

"Ohmygod Juju!! You've liked him since like, the forth grade!" Nicole nearly screamed. I had actually liked him since the forth grade. We were in the same class and he always talked to me. I blushed, or at least felt like I was blushing. I had honestly not thought in a thousand years that Shayne would go for me. We were both freshman, although he was 15 and I was 14.

"He probably likes you because he wants to be called Romeo." Carissa told me. Everyone laughed.

"Rissa you're so dumb!" I laughed, rolling my eyes. I loved Carissa. She was dumb, but still she had the way of making anyone-even her enemies'-day.

"He probably likes your beautiful copper hair, or your daring green eyes!!" Nicole said with a laugh as she played with my hair and stared into my eyes like she loved me.

"Wow you guys are terrific." I loved them with all my heart. They were my soul sisters!!

Shayne walked past my table and winked at me, causing me to laugh and turn my head away. He walked with such confidence, I couldn't help but like him.

The End

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