Salt in the WoundMature

313 Arkady

Prometheus and I had taken cover from the imposing tank. As we hid behind the pillars, they rattled and groaned, the metal grew superheated as another blast of plasma shook the ship. I took a deep breath drew back the bolt on my sniper, the round was an armor piercing and we'd only have one shot. The weapon waited patiently in my hands as I looked to Prometheus. 

"How are we going to blow up this---"

The explosion of another powerful blue plasma blast interrupted me, melting a large hole in the nearby wall. The metal skin steamed and bubbled before flash cooling and hissing. I chanced a glance around the pillar; there would be no clear shot with the wraith's hatch shut and its stinky primate controller hidden. I growled under my breath. 

"We're so screwed." I scowled, glancing over at Prometheus; his mirrored visor looked back at me. If only I could have seen his face, did he even have emotions or was it all just a tough guy facade?

"Leave it to me." He chuckled, hefted his grenade launcher, and stepped out from cover. He blasted a few shots while I watched and waited, a little too eagerly for my opportunity. The shots he had fired kicked up dust and shrapnel into the air, causing the wraith to stop and discontinue firing. I watched, my visor allowing me to see clearly through the haze and debris. Prometheus locked his weapon to the back of his armor and jumped onto the wraith. 

I grinned stepping out from cover and going prone, I wanted this shot to be perfect...Prometheus would never forget it. The wraith spun and boosted around the ship, trying to dislodge the Spartan from its purple-blue armor. Prometheus's armored hand smashed into the cockpit cover, the metal bent but still held strong. A few more punches and the metal fragmented and fell away. Through the scope, I could see the brute’s stunned and ugly face. 

Prometheus pulled his grenade launcher out and aimed it towards the brute. My sniper rifle recoiled as the shot reported down range. A smirk twitched at my lips as the bullets contrail pointed its path. Straight between Prometheus's legs, through the brutes head armor, and into the creatures skull. 

"Boom, headshot!" I chuckled, standing and resting the rifle over my shoulder. Prometheus turned; I could practically see his eyes burning holes in his face plate. "I thought you didn't want kids," I teased. He didn't exactly take my sarcasm or the joke very well. Dropping a grenade into the wraith, he stalked towards me. The explosion behind him, made him look like some cheesy action movie hero. 

"WHAT, THE HELL WAS THAT?!" He snarled at my face. Seer, unfortunately, decided to cut in. 

"I believe that Spartan 313 was attempting to incite some form of humor by pretending to almost lodge an armor piercing round in your-"

"SEER!" I shouted to the A.I. "Respectably, screw off and monitor something else." My voice was sharp and on edge. As I turned back to Prometheus he slammed me against the wall. 

"You better put that childish attitude in check! I'm growing sick and tired of your wit! If you can't keep straight on this mission, I'll report back to ONI." His words were harsh and threatening. I fell still and glared at him, ice freezing my insides. My hand ripped his grasp away from me, as I stared up to him. 

"Don't you ever threaten me! Whether you know if or not, Prometheus, I hold my past as a Spartan three and an assassin from the Headhunter Company, in the highest regard. You know why?" I locked my sniper on my back and removed my helmet so he could see my face. The stark white scars, glancing across my face. Displaying all the mistakes and marks of my sour and not all too enjoyable past. My eyes were steel cold, my facial expression unreadable as I continued. 

"I lost every single one of my friends on Onyx, sure you’re a Spartan two big, bad, and solo. But I had a family there, ever since I was 4 freaking years old I've been a soldier. And the covenant came and took it all away. I'm 19 years old and have lived more than most people three times my age. While I'm not whining, I think you honestly don't understand. So don't tell me what to do because my wit and my humor is the only thing that keeps my damn sanity." Putting my helmet back over my head, I pushed past his shoulder and walked back into the ship. 

"Seer, where the hell did that spineless alien run off to...Fal...was his name." I barked at the A.I. My mood cold and my eyes hard. I hadn't meant to dump on Prometheus but he poured salt into a very open wound. Right now I didn't care who I yelled at, killed, and blew up, I just wanted to be left alone. 

The End

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