Leave it to me.Mature

Prometheus frowned. Arkady hadn't lived through as many battles as he had. Prometheus remembered bloody battles where gore was typically covering the battleground. He remembered a time where scars and missing limbs were a minor injury. Things were different now. Much brighter. He didn't miss the old days. Not one bit. Arkady was too arrogant and hot-headed to understand what he was saying.

"We should go," Prometheus snapped, fast-walking past Arkady. He brushed shoulders with him as he went by. "We just got to get back to the ship."

Arkady didn't move.

Prometheus turned and looked at him. "Coming, darling?" he asked sarcastically.

Arkady was completely frozen. 

Prometheus frowned. "Come on before I drag you."

Arkady lifted his arm and pointed. Prometheus's frown receded as he turned and looked up. "Oh crap."

Apparently there had still been a Brute that we hadn't killed. Not only that, but they apparently didn't know that there was a Wraith sitting at the back of the ship. Unfortunately, these two minor problems combined to create a big freaking problem for them. 

Yeah, you guessed it. The Brute got in the Wraith, and came all the way over to them to kick their---

"TAKE COVER!" Arkady screamed.

Prometheus dove to the left just in time to dodge the blast from the powerful plasma mortar that was stationed on the top of the Wraith. Prometheus took cover behind a pillar, and looked to his left at Arkady who had took cover behind the pillar opposite him.

"How are we going to blow up this---"

Arkady was interrupted by another powerful blast that blew a giant hole in the wall across from them. 

Arkady scowled. "We're so screwed."

Prometheus smiled for the first time in a long while. "Leave it to me."

The End

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