The Old DaysMature

313 Arkady

Grabbing my helmet, I placed it back over my face.

"Seer monitor the comm lines for-"

"Incoming transmission from the heavily damaged Eternal Summer, patching it over the speakers now." Seer seemed bored as if what was happening was just a training simulator. Over the speakers came Captain Henderson's voice soaked in panic and fear.  

"This is the UNSC Frigate Eternal Summer, we are being heavily bombarded by fire from a tailing brute cruiser. Any friendly or UNSC ships withing the immediate are please respond. HURRY-" his voice crackled into an unreadable static.

"The ship's comms transmitter has been damaged. I am unable to hail or hear the ship, although the enemy cruiser is moving in for the kill." During all this time Fal had activated his cloaking and slipped into the ship. 

"Let's go Prometheus, I'm sure you'll find lots of toys to play with in the Armory." I chuckled and took off running. My time in the UNSC, especially when I was an ONI agent had let me see many things, thought I had seen it all. That was until the brutes hologram creators buzzed to life around us. Disgusted, I moved my arms and legs watching as the ugly brute exterior copied my running movements. 

"I'm just glad these things don't replicate the smell, phew." Prometheus just grunted as we spun around the corner and ran into the first group of brutes. They brandished their spikers and growled towards the two disguised spartans. 

"Where are the othe-" Promethus didn't even listen to the last word as his grenade launcher blasted most of the brutes right flank while my battle rifle took out the left. 

"Warning," Seer said over his helmet radio "Incoming enemy forces. Neither of us replied as he ran into the armory. Grabbing a few hand made, match grade rounds. I dropped my battle rifle in favor of my sniper rifle. While it wasn't rated for close quarters combat that hadn't stopped me before. The bolt slid home with a satisfying CLACK and I jumped out the armory door, locking into a prone position. 

"Cover the rear," I growled at Prometheus as my rifle recoiled with the first few shots. "Seer, hows Eternal Summer?" 

More shots, more blood painting the ghost ships walls. "The frigate has sustained heavy losses and damage. If there are no other ships to come to her aid then Eternal Summer is as good as-"

"Thank you Seer!" I shot back both sarcastic and angry. Again my comms crackled to life. I began to speak, thinking Seer had some wit of her own but a voice cut me off.

"Fal 'Vadum to Spartans, I have killed most of their force.  I recommend you search the rest of the ship." The elite had killed most of their forces. I shook my head and fired my remaining rounds into the the last of the group. Bodies piled in the hallway as I stood and swapped the empty mag for a full one.

"Attention, Attention. Slipspace rupture detected to the rear right flank of the enemy cruiser. elite ship, Glorious Retribution. Comms chatter shows the ship as friendly. It is currently engaging the brute cruiser, to aid the Eternal Summer." I sighed and leaned the rifle over my shoulder.

"You know Prometheus," I said not really caring if he was paying attention. "I want to go back to the old days were if it looked ugly and wasn't human we shot it. I want to go back to Spec Ops on some back water planet and assassinate rebel leaders deemed a threat to the UNSC." I chuckled darkly at the thought. Those were the days....

The End

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