A stroke of geniousMature

Fal quickly helped the Spartans hook up the hologram generators.  He then activated his active camouflage and went to scout the brutes.  The humans headed for an armory to get more weapons.

Fal correctly thought that the brutes wouldn't send many more soldiers to capture the derelict cruiser.  He found a single Phantom in the hanger.  The brutes had already dispersed into the ship, but he estimated less than a dozen of them.  The newly arrived human ship, however, would be attacked with a much larger force.

Fal searched the area near the hanger and found a pair of brutes patrolling.  He killed them before moving on.  Suddenly, he had an idea.  He returned to the hanger and jumped into the Phantom.  He made sure to make a lot of noise so the pilot would hear him.  The pilot pressed a button and alerted the rest of the brutes that he was under attack.

Fal shot the brute in the head and dragged the brute out of the seat.  He sat down and worked with the controls to override the locks on it.  Within a minute he had weapons control and aimed the main plasma cannon at the airlock.  The brutes stupidly came charging through the door and were cut down immediately.

"Fal 'Vadum to Spartans, I have killed most of their force.  I recommend you search the rest of the ship," he told the Spartans.  A flashing light in the cockpit told him that another ship had just came out of Slipspace.  Judging from the radio emissions, it was the Glorious Retribution.  It moved towards the brute ships attacking the human frigate and opened fire.

The End

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