Eye of the SearMature

313 Arkady


"I can offer nothing but my word, Spartan.  But I hope my actions," the lone Elite motioned to the dead brutes, "will convince you that I am a real Elite, as you call us."

"Maybe," I replied skeptically. 

"Whether you believe me or not, I will search for more of the mongrels until my ship returns.  I'll let you deal with your... situation... in private," The elite said as he turned and progressed into the ship.

"Go with him," I said to Prometheus, my attention focusing on the glimmering A.I. Prometheus didn't move. "Fine," I said waving a hand "if he's just another brute and he gets the jump on us again, we'll I guess spartan 2's aren't as superior, as I thought." Heavy footsteps echoed away, I knew that'd get him. I grinned and watched the A.I, she stared back curiously. 

"What will it take to unlock this ship...." I trailed off not knowing the A.I's name. crossing my arms. The A.I sat on the hologram board and removed her fur hat, allowing her long hair to cascade around her shoulders.

"It's Sear and the access code is all I need. You do have it, don't you?" I shook my head.  

"All I have is my word as a Spartan and as a Soldier,"Sear cocked her head. 

"Spartan number?" 

"313." I said lazily, whatever this A.I wanted it had better crack open the ship's security.  Sear began to play with her hat as if caught up in thought. 

"Spartan 313 Arkady, was apart of Gama squad. Trained on Onyx but was summoned to the Headhunter squad before the famous Battle of Onyx. You we're apart of many black ops missions before becoming one of ONI's favorite operatives. Pysche profile says you have a questionable personality with cynicism and-"

"That's enough." I butted in angrily. "How did you get access to my classified personnel file?!" Sear flashed a wicked smile, but didn't relinquish her secret.

"I believe I can trust you but Access to certain files will be...limited."

"Fine," I growled "Shut all the air locks so that we can breathe without assistance." Sear nodded and the console flickered back to blue. The ships lights flickered on and the systems hummed to life. The hiss of airlock doors echoed throughout the near empty ship. 

"Ship Systems online, the Shaw Fujikawa drive is deactivated but is otherwise undamaged. Air Chemicals are now at breathable levels."Sear furrowed her brow as I removed my helmet, it was nice to breath unfiltered air for once. 

"The ship is clear," I turned and noticed Prometheus, his visor glaring at my scarred face. The real Fal stepped out from behind the large Spartan II. From the look on his face I could tell he hadn't seen a spartan without a helmet. I tossed a cynical grin at both of them and looked back to Sear. 

"Warning! Warning! Slipspace rupture at our Starboard side!" The A.I said with an urgent sense of calm. 

"It's probably just my-" Fal started. 

"Negative, I am detecting on heavily damaged UNSC Frigate tailed by a covenant cruiser."

"Brutes or Elites?" Prometheus demanded. Sear gave him a scowl with a look that sarcastically asked 'What do you think?!'

The End

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