The Real EliteMature

"The hard way is much more fun," said a brute.  The Spartans began backing toward cover.  When they finally reached it, the big Spartan fired his grenade launcher into the face of the brute leader.  The smaller one fired a couple bursts from his rifle before jumping behind cover.

I ignited my energy sword and deactivated my cloak, stepping right into the middle of the group.  I stabbed one brute in the back with my wrist mounted energy dagger while simultaneously decapitating the one next to him.  Moving forward, I impaled another with my sword while drawing on of my plasma rifles.

The brutes turned to face me while the Spartans opened fire again.  Another brute was blown apart by a grenade while several others were shot.  I fired a quick burst into one of the remaining mongrels before slicing a deep gash in the chest of the last one.

Carefully replacing my weapons in their holders, I said, "Greetings Spartans.  I am Fal 'Vadum.  I've been waiting for a chance to kill those mongrels since they ambushed my warriors."

His grenade launcher pointed at me, the bigger Spartan replied, "Their leader claimed to be Fal 'Vadum as well.  Why should I believe you?"

"I can offer nothing but my word, Spartan.  But I hope my actions," I motioned to the dead brutes, "will convince you that I am a real Elite, as you call us."

"Maybe," said the Spartan.

"Whether you believe me or not, I will search for more of the mongrels until my ship returns.  I'll let you deal with your... situation... in private," I said before turning to leave.

The End

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