A slight misunderstandingMature

The Elites proceeded to the bridge of the cruiser.  Once there, they attempted to discover the ship's last few moments.  It appeared the commanding officer had ordered the atmosphere vented to kill boarders.

"Fal 'Vadum, the sensors have picked up a ship exiting slipspace.  We may be discovered," said one of the Elites.

"'Vadum to transport, engage your cloak.  We will join you shortly," ordered Fal.  He received no reply, but he knew they would obey his orders.  The boarding team began retreating towards the hanger.

They rounded a corner and ran into a of Spartan.  With adrenaline taking over, Fal drew his energy sword and leaped on top of him.  He stopped just short of stabbing through the Spartan's helmet.  His sword hovered there for several seconds as though he was unsure of whether or not to kill the human.  Finally, he deactivated the weapon and stood up, offering his hand to the human.

"Forgive me human, I thought you were a Brute," he said.

"Obviously I'm not.  What are you doing here?" replied the Spartan as he got to his feet.

"We received a distress signal and thought the Brutes had attacked the ship.  We were sent over from our ship to determine the status here.  The Glorious Retribution is following the Brute ships and should return shortly," answered Fal.

"So, what is the status of the ship, then?" asked the Spartan.

"The Brutes disabled and boarded it.  The commanding officer vented the atmosphere for an unknown purpose," said Fal.

"We'll see about that," said a voice behind the Elites.

The End

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