"You're late," the captain barked as the Spartan II stepped on to the bridge. "You may consider yourself important, and I'm fine with that. But your ego cannot prevent you from obeying orders the second they are asked. Do you understand?"

The Spartan II said nothing. He didn't even offer a nod. He was completely still and silent. The captain frowned. "Did you hear me, Spartan?"

Prometheus, as they called him, lifted his head only enough so that he could see the captain in full. The captain was shorter than him. Much shorter. In fact, the captain almost seemed like a small cockroach that Prometheus could easily squash with a single finger. He lowered his head again.

The captain sighed. "Here's the quick version of our situation," he began. "We received a distress call from another UNSC ship. Soon after, sensors detected an Elite ship within firing distance of the UNSC ship. It left not long after we detected it, but it's reason enough for us to be suspicious."

"Let me know when we get there," Prometheus said, his low-toned voice echoing off the walls of the room. He turned and began to walk away.

"Where are you going, Spartan?" the captain barked after him.

Prometheus didn't reply. He entered the elevator and left without another word.

The captain's frown turned into a glare. "If he wasn't a Spartan, I'd have him stripped of his armor and shot out into the vacuum of space."


They arrived at the UNSC Indepedence soon after. 

Prometheus equipped himself with two M6G Magnums, a grenade launcher, and two frag grenades. He strapped one Magnum to each hip, strapped the grenade launcher to his back, and put the two frag grenades on his utility belt that he always kept tied tightly around his waist.

He entered a launch pod and sat down adjacent to a fellow Spartan. Prometheus, though, was a Spartan II while this other Spartan was an inferior Spartan III.

The beginning of the countdown interrupted his thoughts.

Thirty, twenty-nine, twenty-eight...

Prometheus took a deep breath as the hatch closed and the pod began to shake.

Twenty-seven, twenty-six, twenty-five...

The End

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