Eternal SummerMature

313 Arkady

I sat in the ships armory, fidgeting. Why ONI had assigned me to such a low priority ship was beyond my comprehension. The UNSC Eternal Summer was a frigate class vessel. It lacked the armor and weapons capabilities of it's larger cousins, the Destroyer Class vessels. Frigates were the race horses of the fleet, out classing all other ships with their speed and maneuverability. The Eternal Summer was no exception, she even had a MAC gun whenever she needed to bite back. I stared at a screen suspended on the bulkhead, it stated our current position and destination. My curiosity peeked when the destination shifted from an inner colony planet to classified. Finally something worth my time. 

"Attention, Attention, all Spartans are to report immediately to the bridge. I repeat, all Spartans are to report immediately to the bridge!" I sighed and stood. The Bridge of the Frigate is located in the uppermost part of the ship, in the section at the stern-most tip of the MAC gun shaft. Getting there from the armory would be a long walk, if not for the elevators. Grabbing a Battle Rifle, I locked it to the back of my all black MJOLNIR armor. Never know when you might need a weapon. I walked nonchalantly down one of the main hallways, pausing at the elevator. Only one other Spartan occupied space on the Eternal Summer besides me, he was only ever known as Prometheus. No name nor number to designate him, but by the way he carried himself I could tell that he was a veteran of more than the just the Covenant wars.

The elevator chimed, it's doors allowing me inside. With a small click of metal on metal the doors closed and the elevator increased it's acceleration upwards, the ride took mere moments.  Stepping onto the bridge; a cacophony of voices, beeps, and chirps filled my ears. Lights from holographic consoles humming underneath their masters fingers, like puppets on a string. Shaking the thoughts from my head, I moved to the forward observation windows. There stood a lean built man with lightly graying hair. The man who commanded the Eternal Summer, Captain Gerald Henderson. 

"You requested my presence on the bridge, sir?" I asked standing adjacent to the Captain. The man turned his head slightly, viewing me out of the corner of his eyes. 

"Where's Prometheus?" he asked, his tone hardly concerned. 

"I haven't seen him in a while, sir. Why did you call to the bridge, sir?" 

"Nothing too dangerous, I hope. We have received a distress call from another ship, UNSC Independence. The Marathon class cruiser's distress beacon just reached our sensors. I have already initiated a slipspace jump to the signals corresponding coordinates." 

"Is there anything else, Captain?" I questioned in an icy tone, the captain had a nasty habit of leaving out key details. Captain Henderson smiled. 

"Yes, actually there is. Sensors from near the area detected an Elite ship, a cruiser entering the area only to leave a short period later. Curious, don't you think?" I grunted in agreement. "Dismissed," Henderson said gazing out into space. I nodded, leaving the bridge. Guess Prometheus will get a late briefing. 

"Attention all personnel, brace for immediate slipspace jump. Repeat, brace for immediate slipspace jump." The ship whined as it's Shaw-Fujikawa drive warmed and tore a hole before the ship. It'll be a quick trip, better get ready. 

The End

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