Halloween Treat

No summary... This story is too short to need one.

"Trick or treat!"

"Aw, what an adorable costume that is."

Every single year, there is a time where kids go crazy and parents waste a lot of money to go buy candy. That would be Halloween.

I watched my six-year-old son walk from door to door asking for candy in his vampire suit. I really love to see him happy, but this is annoying. Each and every door had the scariest monsters standing in front of the doorway or windowsill. I almost had a heart attack once looking in the eyes of the zombie down the street.

"Mommy, can I go to the deli after this?"

"Sure, but don't buy too much okay? You already have a lot of candy this year."

My son skipped off with his friend and the two of us, grown-ups talked about the trouble of being parents.

"...they never seem to listen no matter what I say. I'm so glad my husband took one off my shoulders."

"Oh Shelly, stop whining. It really isn't that bad."

"Well of course that is what you would say cause you have the best child yet. He is so well-behaved. I'm jealous of you."

We wandered for an hour or so and now we're aiming for the deli. That is when the most unexpected thing happened to me.

The air around seemed to cool down. It really wasn't supposed to be that chilly yet. Then it became warm. Really warm. Or rather... burning... It began on my neck and it reached down to my toes. I wanted to scream but my mouth was being covered by a hand.

I fell unconscious. Around me was pitched black. I really wonder how I can say I'm unconscious when I can still see. A stunningly beautiful man stood in front of me. He mouthed a few words I was unable to hear, but read. "If you tell anyone, I won't leave you unpunished..." The glittering of his two fangs explained everything. He was a vampire.

"Tess? Earth to Tess..." I was awoken from my sleep. Everything seemed unchanged. Or so I thought.

My vision was more than 20/20. I could see minuscule details unnoticed by normal eyes. My nose also became aware of many delicious scents. My stomach also growled even though I finished eating dinner already. But I was not hungry for any ordinary food. I was craving for blood.

"Tess, are you alright?"

"Um... this might be a little sudden, but can you take care of my son for a while? I forgot to go somewhere." I tossed my friend the spare keys to the house.

Before I let her reply, I ran. Unbelievably fast. I sped down the street and went back into my house. I unlocked the door and then bolted the lock after I went in. Then panting, I slid down onto the floor. I couldn't control this urge, this hunger that burst out inside of me.

"You don't seem too surprised about what happened over there." I could feel his breath in front of my face as he leaned towards me.

"Unfortunately, I watched too much horror movies with my son to worry about it."

My body acted on its own. Soon I found my teeth dug deep into his skin. The taste of blood was filling. The metal taste of blood turned into a feast.

"You know that you'll be unable to live like this right? With your son I mean."

"I figured that much." I kept on sucking like a baby sucking on milk. "You should just kill me."

"But wouldn't that effect your child? He will be won't have parents anymore."

"Yeah... I'm fine..."


That hour later when my little boy walked into our house, he saw me sprawled on the floor over a pool of blood. Shelly screamed and covered her son's eyes and attempted to shield my son's eyes from the sight. No luck. He walked over to my body and grinned, bending down to enjoy his Halloween treat.

Too bad he didn't know... that vampire that killed me... Too bad he didn't know my son was never a human to begin with...

The End

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