A Rip in a DressMature

I was bored. And I when I get bored, I eat. So I was sitting on the couch, stuffing my face with the bags and bags of potato chips I bought, somewhat glad of that new wig on my head. At least I don’t look bald anymore.

“You alright?” I looked up and saw Evan.

“Of course!” I said, nodding viciously while trying to hold my wig in place with a salt cover hand. “Nothing’s wrong!”

“But the food...” He looked down at empty bags of chips.

“Oh, uh nothing.” I quickly grabbed them and hid them behind my back with a quick smile. “Eat when I’m bored. A bad habit. You know. I’ve got lots of bad habits and eating when I’m bored seems to be one the b-”

“Amber, you’re rambling again.”

I quickly covered my mouth.

“Oh, sorry. Better eat.” Then I got up with a handful of chips and stuffed my face before leaving to get a drink.

“Where you going?” He shouted as I headed towards the kitchen.

“Thirsty. Water. Too many chips.” I shouted back, wincing slightly due to my mouth full of chips.

Just then, I tripped on the hem of my dress and fell face first onto the ground. I heard I ripping sound and when I got up again, the hem of my dress was half ripped. My face flushed a deep red.

“My dress...” I muttered with a groan.

Oh god this was so embarrassing.

Why did I have to be such a klutz?

The End

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