Dont panic.Mature

Chapter 10: don’t panic.

Erik Lastinger

“Slave-driver,” I muttered as I got off the sofa.

Evan had acquired a lot of food for the party, ranging from simple crisps to shove in the oven garlic bread and pizza's for everyone. I gave a little chuckle as I unpacked.

“so who is going to do all this cooking, and where are the drinks” I asked as we filled the fridge up with the food.

Evan had kept one bag to him self with a rather creepy happy grin. Turning to him I just folded my arms “so what’s in the bag?” I asked feeling rather uneasy about his smirk.

“Drink...oh and your costume” he took out the packs of drinks and tossed me the bag, as I caught it the first thing I noticed is that it was not very heavy for a werewolf costume as I looked inside I quickly paled and looked right up at Evan.

“this is a joke right!?” I asked in a rather hopeful way only to have Evan slowly shake his head with a grin.

“Arg!” I screamed at even. Keeping the bag close to my chest as I rush upstairs hoping I have something in my room that I can add to the costume so it wont be a total disaster for the party.

The End

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