Troubles and RamblesMature

After arranging the ugly green dress, which was a little too loose at the chest and too tight at the waist for my curveless body, I spent a whole half and hour trying to get the stupid elf ears to stay. So the thing says the the clasps should hold onto my ear. At first it did way too tightly. Then seconds later, the clasps completely fell apart. I ended up having to duck tape them into my ears, painting them with some peachy acrylic paint so it wouldn’t look like I had gray ears.

And then the wig. Don’t even get me started about it. It came completely tangled up in the package and I spent a whole another hour trying the brush the tangles out of it without making it look like I was half bald. Unfortunately, the thing still shed off half off its hair. With hair scattered all over my room, I finally set the thing on my head. And damnit. I looked like an elf that just decided to pull out half her hair in a temper tantrum. I tried to cover up my hideous ears with the scant amount of hair I had and pulled out the bow and arrow out of the box.

Ok. So when the thing said genuine, it meant “little cheap plastic thing that looks worse than the stuff from the dollar store”. The bow was the size of half my arm. And the arrow? It was literally a plastic stick. No wonder this thing was free. I wouldn’t have paid a single cent for this stupid thing. But it was too late to get another costume and I didn’t think I would want to go and find another one.

I stumbled out of my room, slamming the door and locking it. No need for Tayla to get upset over the mess I made in there. The stupid dress hung over my toes and it seemed to constantly get beneath my feet. Oh my god, this costume sucks.

Tayla was already dressed in her demon costume. She looked so much better.

“You look wonderful!” She smiled.

“No I don’t.” I glared at my dress.

“Well, we need to go!” She said checking the time. I walked out of the apartment with her. And once again, tripping on the infamous lamp cord. My wig.....


We arrived there just in time. Tayla carried all the food while I held the door open for her. She wouldn’t trust me with all that food. If I had tripped, things would have gotten quite complicated. Whatever. I was really used to this now.

“Hey.” I waved at Evan.


“Nice costume.” I stared at his vampire costume and immediately felt a sense of inferiority, if you could feel inferior to someone else’s costume.

“Your’s too.” He gave me a small grin.

“God, mine’s terrible.” I rolled my eyes.

“Where did you get it? I haven’t seen this anywhere.”

“Just that regular shop. I got it for free.” Shit. I just broke my five word rule. “It was crazy. Like I was looking around and everything there is insanely slutty. Like what the heck? I’m not a prostitute! And then I looking around and I see this thing that like stuffed in the corner of the shelf and it’s barely visible and I don’t even know how I even saw it, but I did and it was like rush of relief because I was really starting to get worried that I wouldn’t be able to find a costume and had to go with one of the less pleasant ones that I would have never picked, unless I was forced to. And so I pick up the thing and an employee comes up and he’s like ‘We don’t sell these things anymore.’ and then he rudely tears it out of my hand which was really annoying and starts staring at it. People these days. Like couldn’t he have just asked? I would have given it to him. It wasn’t like I was menacing. Am I menacing? I don’t think so. But anyways so he’s lo-”

“Amber, you’re rambling again.”

“Oh.” I covered up my mouth quickly. “Sorry.”

“Well, uh, why don’t we sit down?” He offered and I realize I’m still standing in the doorway and the whole time the door had been open. Oops.

“Oh, yeah. Good idea.” Then I decided to shut up. No good rambling the whole time.

The End

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