The PartyMature

Tonight was the night.

"Dangit!" I yelled to my sister, who stood over me fixing my costume for me. Apparently I wasn't doing a good enough job myself, so she jumped in.

"Shut up, Kayne! You got the looks of a stuffy wizard, let me bring them out." Her voice, as always, was sharp and demanded me to follow. What gave woman that voice!

"Fine." The more I fussed, the longer it would take and I wanted to get this done with. Luckily, I was going to be the oldest one at the party. Not by much, of course, but it was still something that gave me a little confidence. 

"Done," Kaiytlin said excitedly. I pulled back from her and looked in the mirror. Sure enough, with my beard and hair set the way it was, I looked like some stuffy wizard from the books. It was somewhat creepy. Maybe I should shave after tonight? If i made a bad impression then the lack of a beard could make the party goers not recognize me. It was a plan, for sure.

"Want to take my car?" My sister said from behind me. I could see her in the mirror, smiling smugly. 

"No, I'll take mine." With that, I headed out, patting Lady on the head before I left. 

The drive wasn't long, but it took me forever. I had only a bit of an idea where I was going. Did this Tayla chick live in a friggin' maze? I really started to think so. I hated to do it, but I winded up giving in and fishing out my piece o' crap cellphone and calling the number Kaiytlin had given me.

It rang once, then a girl picked up. "Hello?" she said. 

"Uh... hey, this is Kayne," I said. It wasn't hard to talk to someone I didn't know over the phone. 

"Oh! Hey! I'm Tayla."

"Hey, Tayla, I was calling because I kinda needed directions." 

Tayla, her voice sounding excited, gave me directions to the place, talking about a lot of things in between, though with a quiet voice. She seemed like bubbly girl, but I really didn't mind. Maybe this party would turn out just fine.

Just maybe.

The End

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