Sweeties and DoritosMature

Chapter Six: Sweeties and Doritos
Tayla Caplin

When I came back from my lecture, I went into the living room and tidied a little. Like I did everyday. Going to my room, I placed my bag carefully on the edge of my bed and took out my notes from the afternoon's lecture. I went over to my desk and sat down. I plucked my notebook from the holder and began to copy out my notes, using my pen with the scarlet red ink.

It didn't take long, and once I was finished I dated the notes and thought up a suitable title for the page. Pluperfect Latin verbs, I titled it. Reading through the scarlet words for mistakes, I found none.

I replaced the notebook in its usual place and turned around on my desk chair, looking around the room. The sandalwood incense still lingered in the air, making everything smell wonderful.

What was I going to do now? I didn't have anything else scheduled in the day. I stood up and went over the wardrobe, opening them and pulling out my demon costume for the party. I changed into it carefully, folding up my clothes as I took them off and placing them on the bed.

Looking at my reflection, I frowned slightly. There was something wrong, though I couldn't quite tell what. After much studying of myself, I decided that it was just a bit short for me. I looked through the wardrobe, finding a long black scarf. I wrapped it around my body in a spiral, securing it just above my knees. It looked a lot better now. I undid it and retied it, making a sleeve as well, to go with the shoulderless dress. I pushed safety pins into the new sleeve, and at the bottom.

I slowly took it off and hung it up again. I was positive that this party was going to be brilliant.

I changed back into my clothes and moved my bag onto the floor. What now? Sorting out my costume had only taken up a little amount of time.

I decided to go out and get some sweets and things, just in case the boys forgot. I put my coat back on, zipping my purse into one of the pockets, and left, walking down to the local shop. I grabbed a basket, and wandered down the confectionary aisle. Dropping several bags of sweets into the basket, I went off in search of Doritos and dip. Always a brilliant idea for any party.

When I reached the tills, there wasn't much a queue so I didn't have to wait long. As I put the basket down beside the cashier, he raised an eyebrow.

"Halloween party," I smiled.

"Ah, I see," he replied with a grin.

He passed all the items through and I handed him my debit card. After I'd put my PIN in and got it back, I'd decided that the cashier was quite cute.

"Thank you," I smiled to him as I took the bag.

"Bye," he said.

My smile widened and I left the shop, walking home.

The End

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