Prep workMature

Chapter 5: Prep work

Erik Lastinger

6:30...and I’m awake. I’m curled up in my bed with my laptop looking at the latest movies that will be released, but I’m awake and rather tired still from not having a good sleep again.

Not to many hours later, Evan woke up. As usual clomping around, getting himself ready my brain slowly woke up fully at the smell of his breakfast and with a groan I rolled out of bed and shuffled over to my desk. Switching on my pc I started to look through google for costume ideas.

“werewolf....hunter....vampire...hulk” I mutter to myself as I flick through the pictures.

“I’m off” shouted Evan, causing me to jump a little and mumble a swift good bye.

Counting to ten I slowly slipped out of my chair and wondered downstairs in nothing by my dressing gown and my eyes instantly was drawn to the huge box in the living room, and the note in very big letters.


Looking around I let out a deep string off curse words. Bringing out my phone I quickly text Evan. “Since IM here cleaning AND decorating get me a werewolf costume” intending it to be rather snappy and annoyed at the task I was lumped with...again.

With a sigh, I get down to cleaning up the pizza boxes from the night before.

The End

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