Ugly PackagesMature

Amber Mill

I woke up and tripped on the alarm clock cord again. It must have been the 250th time I’ve done this since I got the alarm clock. And it was pretty new. I stared at the mess I made knocking over everything that Tayla had just rearranged for me yesterday. She was probably going to be really upset. Again. Great. I better remember to lock the door.

Talyla offered me some toast which I completely devoured. Why did she even bother to ask? She knew I never refused food.

I checked my schedule for the day. Nothing much. I had an art class in the morning and nothing in the afternoon. Perfect. I had to go costume shopping. What was I even going to be? Tayla’s stupid dress-up idea.

“Going to class.” I said excusing myself from the table.

“What do you have today?” Tayla asked.

“Art.” I yelled from my room, stuffing my sketchbook into my bag along with my pencils which were all broken and taped back together so many times, they were basically useless. But pencils were expensive. And it wasn’t my fault I kept on breaking them. Klutzes just gotta go around and break something everyday. It’s their eternal job.

“Going!” I yelled running out of our flat just realizing that if I didn’t hurry, I was going to be late. And I tripped on the lamp cord.


After lunch, I went out to the costume shop in search of something while Tayla was out. Apparently, she didn’t trust me at home all by myself, assuming that I was going to break everything. I was klutzy, but I could still watch myself.

I arrived at the costume shop and in a few minutes, I was browsing the aisles for a perfect costume. To be honest, they all sucked. If they weren’t tiny corsets that wouldn’t fit on any normal person, then they were literally lingerie stuffed in packets labeled as costumes. I was not going to a party wearing nothing but a bra and panties!

It was a long time before I finally found a small package stuffed harshly into the corner of a rack. (And if you were wondering, I still hadn’t tripped yet.) The thing was slightly ripped and the corner of a dress stuck out of it.

Elf costume!

Complete set comes with:

Elf ears!


Long wig!

Genuine bow and arrows!

I looked at the worn package. It looked fine enough. Other than the fact that the package seemed a little over enthusiastic and had exclamation marks at the end of everything, and that the picture on the package was absolutely hideous.

“That thing’s not on sale anymore.” A voice spoke up behind me. I turned and saw a lanky employee staring at the package. “Damn... I didn’t even know that thing was still there...” He reached over and grabbed the package out of my hands. Wow, amazing manners. He studied the thing curiously before he handed back to me.

“We’re not even allowed to sell that anymore.” He stood there in thought for a second. “You know what? You can keep it.”

“Really?” Free and store usually didn’t get along very well.

“Yeah. Otherwise it would get thrown out. Don’t want a perfectly good costume to go to waste.” He gave me a toothy grin.

“You can’t be serious.”

“I am.”

“Ok then. Thanks. Bye.” I pushed past him and walked out of the store before he could change his mind. Of course I tripped on the sidewalk and landed on my face in front of everyone outside. Again.

The End

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