Forced EntryMature

Kayne Rose

I woke up to the sound of an alarm clock ringing.

Instinctively, I slammed my hand down on the thing, hopefully braking the newest alarm clock my sister had bought me. I really was trying to go for a dozen and this one would make eleven. Sadly, it help strong, leaving my hand slightly sore.

I forced myself out of bed, ignoring the mess that was my room and headed straight to my computer. I might as well see if anyone out there on the wonderful internet thought of me over the night. Besides, I had another hour before I had to head off to work. 

Work. If there was one thing I hated in this life, it was my job. Sure, others might think being a cashier is great, since you stand around all day, but they had never done it. After a day of working, whether it be a busy day or a dead day, left my damn feet hurting horridly.

Nobody had messaged me, so I showered and did my morning routine as if I were a zombie. I sure felt like one, always did. 

Not to my surprise, my sister, Kaiytlin, was already gone to the hospital to start her shift. Although I hated my job, I would NEVER want hers. 

"Lady!" I called, bringing forth my large boxer from across the one-story house. She bounded my way, slipping on the kitchens hardwood floor, then sat right beside me as I brushed my teeth in the bathroom doorway.

"Ya know," I told the drooling dog, "I really wish you were a human... Then I would have someone I knew at the party next week." The party... I tried not to think about it, or the corny wizard costume my sister had picked out, as I brushed my teeth. "I mean, what kind of sister bribes her friend's little sister to invite me to a party?"

The dog sat there, not understanding a word I said. She was faithful as can be and annoying as hell, but one thing she could not give me was a conversation.

"Well," I continued to my faithful dog, "I wonder if I'll make any new friends..." A smile enveloped my face. I rinsed my mouth of the the remaining toothpaste and stored my toothbrush. "I wonder if this Tayla chick is cute?" Leaning down, I grabbed Lady's jaw and rubbed her neck. "Maybe she will look like you though? Sorry, Lady, I love you, but you're ugly."

The dog wagged her tail, unknowing that I had just insulted her. I sighed and headed to feed her. Sheesh, I really hoped the people at this party don't freak out over my long hair and beard...

The End

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