Odd FeelingMature

Chapter Two: Odd Feeling
Tayla Caplin

I woke to the sound of my alarm clock tinkling away in one of the soft melodies I'd set; it was supposed to wake you more slowly so you weren't as tired throughout the day. I sat up, letting the duvet fall back onto itself. With a stretch, I got up.

I turned the alarm clock off, jogging it by accident, causing it to move an inch or two. I frowned and moved it back into place before smiling and standing up straight, looking around my ordered room.

Pushing the curtains apart carefully, I looked out of my window down to the ground, which was a couple of floors below our flat. I could hear Amber tripping around all over the place in the room next door, making me scowl. I'd tidied her room yesterday and it was clearly a tip already. I took a deep breath, trying not to get angry. Anger wasn't good for karma.

I moved over to my dresser and lit the incense sticks, blowing them out and letting them smoulder. I stood in front of the mirror built into one of the doors of my wardrobe and combed my hair slowly. The dirty blonde locks only came to my chin, just as I liked them. After it was brushed, I messed it up a bit, going for that choppy look that I just adored.

It worked, as it usually did, making me smile. I placed the comb down on the dresser again, making sure it was in line with my brush and mini straighteners. I picked up the small bottle of oil and rubbed some into my round scars across my forehead and cheeks. The oil was meant to get rid of scars but it didn't seem to be doing anything, not at all within the last six months of using it. Despite that, I kept going with it, sure it would pay off eventually.

I used the mirror to look at my timetable, which I'd written in my neat handwriting on the whiteboard above my bed. I didn't have a very busy day, just a lecture in the late afternoon. I grinned; I loved my lectures. I'd managed to get a course doing exactly what I'd always wanted to do: classics.

Latin was the best thing I'd ever been taught in school, and then I'd picked up Ancient Greek in my second year as an extracurricular thing.

I breathed in, loving the scent of the sandalwood incense that was now permeating the air in the room. I smiled before leaving the room.

As I reached the kitchen, I remembered that our dress-up Halloween party wasn't long away. The others hadn't seemed too impressed at my idea, but they'd agreed to it--probably because I promised to bring ice cream and pizza.

I'd got my costume weeks ago, and I loved it. It was a female demon costume, including a red wig and I'd even bought some red contact lenses to go with it.

"Morning," Amber mumbled as she walked in, her pyjamas crumpled and creased from sleep.

"Good morning," I grinned. "I could iron those for you," I said, nodding to her pyjamas.

"If I wanted them ironed, Tayla, I'd do it myself."

I shrugged, trying not to be fronted by her tone. I smiled at her.


"Please," she nodded.

I turned around and added some more bread to the other side of the toaster.

After it popped and I'd buttered it, I handed Amber hers before eating mine. I somehow had a feeling today wasn't going to be exactly a normal day.

The End

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