Pain is gameMature

“Are you going to answer?” I slatted. They looked at me with hate filled eyes. “Well?”

“Humanity? Trade my immortality and thirst for blood to be inferior?” Alcatraz said.

“Never. No, I don’t want to be human.” Lillth wined. “I don’t want to go back to my past, I want to be with him.”

“What a pity. Have it your way.” I answered.

“I..hope..your happy..” Alcatraz winced. He fell backward.

“I am. Why did he pass out, something I said?” I tossed my head back and laughed.

“No. It’s from blood loss and YOUR weapon.” she said, barely audible. I sighed.

“Drop him. I’ll have somebody get him. Sweetie,” I begin to say in a starchiest tone, “It was NOT my weapon. It was all of ours. Well, who matters.” She begin to stork his face.

“I understand. What happened to you, you used to be sweet and kind. Look at you! Your harsh and curl, treating your lover like trash! He was right, Gods are evil.”


“Than what do you call the night after we battled the Gods? I hared you two, screaming and howling with delight. What was that to you? To him, it was the best moment of his life. He found someone he could share pleasure with, someone who wouldn’t leave him. Or hate him.” I felt like the bad guy. I begin to sob.

“I DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT WAS! I’M JUST A CONFUSED TEENAGER! HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW HE FEELS?” I slid down the wall, and wrapped my self in a ball. What did I feel?

“Can’t you see how he looks at you? When he used to speck to you? All that tenderness, compassion. He truly loved you, he found something that represented happiness and then you tore that apart. I'm surprised he's not dead from heart he almost died last time. Or have you forgotten that? When he almost died from your hatred.” How could I forget?

“I will never forget that day. All I can say is: I love him.”

Then why did you laugh at him, scorn him and treat him the way you did before he passed out? How can you say you love him when near moments ago you hated him. Telling me and I quote...HE IS NOT MY LOVER! ...Isn't that what you said?”

“You don’t get it.”


“I'm diffent, it's like I want to kill all of you, sometimes I want to say "GROUP HUG". It's not funny. But, Lillth, this will not turn out like Romeo and Juliet. I'd gladly die before that happends. I Love him, you don't think it paining me to watch him like this?? Do you?”

“It's the god half of you battling with the vampire half of you. Part of you is hiding your old self Charlotte, cling to it. For Alcatraz's sake, please. Send us back home...I can't stand this place” I nodded.

“I will.” I didn’t what I was saying.

“Good bye, please, figure yourself out. For him.” she said. I nodded. I snapped my figures. They where gone.

I felt as if I was dying. I hurt two of my friends, one was my lover. One was my sister.

“I wish I could talk to the love God about this.” I whispered to my self.

The End

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