"What a second... Let me get this straight. You could bring back every fallen God... very easily just by bringing in the people that killed them... and we wouldn't have had to do any of this?" I was kind of annoyed with Artemis. I had gone to hell and back - rescued my friends, been reunited with my true love and become a god... and It may not have needed to have happened?

"Actually - since you were cursed it's sort of like an initiation test to becoming a God." Oh that's nice to know.

"So even if what happened last year didn't happen - we'd still be Gods now - we'd just not be taking their place." And sarcasm will get you no-where.

"Exactly. So aren't you lucky to be taking a place of an Olympian than becoming a much lower deity?"

"Not really."

Alcatraz moaned again in his cage, clutching at where the wound used to be. "Oh and why is he still hurting? We never hurt after healing... what did you do?"

"Oh he's still coming back to life if you think about it - he's not going to be completely restored yet... So Paethos, what do you want now?"

"I would have said for things to return to the way they were, but it isn't my call. I'd actually like to ask Alcatraz and Lillith something."

"Go ahead."

"Would you like to be human again in your original time frames?"

"You can't do that Paethos."

"I'm the God of travel, language, thievery et.c  - ergo I can travel in time."

"They aren't going to take it." Artemis was getting on my nerves now. I lifted up their life cords and showed them to her. I don't think she realized how quickly I could move now. I'd stolen them from Hades robes without any of their noticing.

I only wish I had that chance as well.

The End

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