Forced to BleedMature


Everyone was flustered, angry, and about to snap. 

"What about Persephone?!" Hades shouted at Artemis and Apollo. The two gods looked to him with amusement, one of them flashing a glance towards me. 

"We shall bring her back with the vampires blood." Apollo replied quite calmly. Paethos starred with Charlotte and for a moment everyone was silent. Then Lilith broke that moment. 

"Hell no! Your not using me as your donation bank! I refuse!" She seethed and backed into my arms. I held her form tightly to my body, eliciting angry glances from Paethos and Charlotte. 

"Alcatraz," Charlotte began, trying to hold back her temper. "I became a god to save you! I-" Immediately I cut in, not allowing her to say whatever she willed. 

"No, in becoming a god to rescue my soul...which I remind you is what the gods planned. You became the very thing we used to hate! You became Ares, have you forgotten what he did to us?!" Charlotte opened her mouth to shout but shut it instead. Paethos moved and pulled Lilith from my arms, she screamed and kicked but he held her tightly. I spun on Charlotte but her grasp had become a god's strength. 

"I vote Alcatraz's blood for the ritual." Hades agreed and no other god voiced their opinion. I struggled and clawed at her now golden skin. I could smell the supple rivers in her neck but my aching fangs couldn't reach them. One god grabbed each hand and held it out to the side as I was forced to my knees.

"Damn you Paethos...Charlotte." Char struck me across the face with the back of her palm and pulled out her sword. I shrunk away as best as I could but the steel drug across the side of my neck, bright red blood splashed onto the floor pooling in a large spot before my face.

The air in mu lungs began to drain and Lilith shouted after me, screaming at me to hang on. My head and eyes drooped as a figure began to grow from the blood at some of the god's prompting. The tiny form crystalized and shattered revealing Persephone back to normal. I slumped in the god's grasp, my mind going hazy. 

"Paethos..." I muttered angrily, trying to say something but unconsciousness grabbed my body and I tumbled into blackness. 

The End

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