- Charlotte-

I turned around and looked for Peter. I shored my shoulders, and guessed Paethos must have taken him.

I’ll go get them.


I appeared in a large room, with Artimes, Apollo, Paethos, his friend whose name I can’t seem to rember, Alcatraz and Lillth.

“Charlotte!” said Apollo. “How kind of you to join us from Hell.” I smiled gently, and handed him the life cords.

I took my seat and pulled my legs up in a hug.

“This meeting is for you two,” Artimes said, glaring at the vampires, “will join us.”

“Never.” Alcatraz hissed.

“Dido.” Lillth said.

“May I ask why?” I asked.

“Shut up, Bitch.” said Alcatraz.

“Pardon? You know I now have the upper hand.”

“I said what I meant.”

“Good. Now speak only when spoken to.” Artimes said. Why where we talking to them like dogs, or small children.

“Why won’t you join us?” Apollo asked.

“I don’t want to become like her,” Lillth said glairing at me, “Killing for sport.”

“I DID NOT KILL FOR SPORT! I WAS SAVING YOU SORRY ASS!” I was now sanding, about to leap on the table and ripped that pretty unnatural hair of hers off.

“Char, please clam down.” Apollo said.

“Oh, so they call you that now?” Alcatraz snarled.

“I think it’s best if you go home. Char, I’m sure you have things to make plans with. Like that sum of money.” Than it hit me.


He replied. I ran back to the room where I had spotted them, grabbed them and snapped my fingers.
I sent.

The End

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