I was thinking at a mile a minute, I had a feeling - like there was something less about myself than it had been five minutes ago when I was talking to Hephzibah. It's not any emotional attachment or loss to do with her, and I racked my mind even though I knew I wasn't supposed to be thinking. The dead were just walking around me - some staring for moments then passing by.

Charlotte killed Persephone. What why? Why don't you ask her? Oh and I'm warning you Hades isn't too pleased about his wife having to be resurrected. Why are you telling me this? What have you to gain or lose? And also one more question because I like threes, how do I ask her? I don't know where she is. Think about it ex-bloodsucker, you're talking to me aren't you?

Charlotte? Are you there? Yes.. is that you Paethos? How did you do the Artemis thing? Just thinking about it. But that's not why I'm talking to you - why did you kill Persephone? Do we need to kill anymore? She wouldn't take me to Peter. She was being insolent. Look - you may now be the new God of war - but don't let the anger take over you. Also did you say you can't find him? Are you sure he's dead? Or that he really is your true love? Pretty sure of the second one. Didn't he help you with you know? Yes. Then who is to say he wasn't a vampire like us? That's a good thought - I'm going to head to the room where the life cords are kept. Where ever that is and see if he's actually dead. I should be able to find his cord easily right? I suppose so. But no more killing OK? No promises. I'll take that, I'm going to get Lillith and Alcatraz and if you're not there I'll save Alcatraz too. OK? Do what you want to. Don't you want to save him? What's happened?

She didn't reply. I'm not sure what's happened but I'm going to save them both. I needed to find them though. Surely they'd be under lock and key - but I could smell them - I knew their scent.

I allowed myself to open my nostrils for the first time in the underworld. The whole place smelt like brimstone and soil, the dead all smelled like lilies. I guess that's why lilies are used in funerals. I tuned those scents out and soon I could smell them.

It was the same smell, the same, but it wasn't. In my vampiric life they smelled like myself, and the smell was beautiful. Now I could still sense that honey and woodsmoke that I knew, but also the smell of rot, of the decay of flesh and the metallic quality of blood. I disgusted me but it was still beautiful. i felt so animal as I started toward it.

Suddenly I burst into a bundle of feathers, taking to the air as if I'd always been a bird. I remembered that playing the part of Hermes, I was able to become three animals; a tortoise, a ram and an eagle. I was pretty sure both a tortoise and ram can't fly like this. It was like breathing, I couldn't understand how easily I could take to this being a God, but it was as if it were in my nature. Maybe I was destined to be a God? That's big-headed, but it really did feel like it.

I spied the origin of the scent I knew to be Lillith and Alcatraz. Alcatraz was busying himself drinking from as many of the dead that were within running distance - which as I knew, was most of the area. Lillith was just standing there. I dropped to the floor and became my human form again. From up close they looked as beastly as the vagrant vampires that were more harshly cursed than we. They almost looked mindless.

She was growling. "Paethos." And she lunged. I quickly caught her in a headlock.

"I know why you're angry - I know, but I don't have much choice - if you were told you could have your true love wouldn't you run at it."

"That's not the point. You didn't even let me have a chance. Now let me do and I promise I won't kill you." She was still Lillith but her words were garbled with growls, trying to bite and her struggling against me.

"Look, I will always love you - but I will always love Hephzibah more."

"So that's her name. Is she doing to be a God with you?"

"If she wants to. That's her choice. As it is your choice." She straightened slightly, seemingly less mad.

"You mean I can be a God too?"

"No - " And she tried to bite me a again so I tightened my grip further. "You're going back to earth but you can chose whether you stay as a vampire."

"You're going to DIE Paethos, If it's the last thing I do." And she came out of the headlock and lunged. I could feel the hard point of her fangs deep in my neck.

"No." and I pulled her off and kissed her. She vanished in my arms.

I trust you're looking after her? Of course - although she's caged, she tried to bite us as soon as she got here. Why are you helping again? Who said it wasn't the ultimate plan? You always thought we were scheming - think of it as that.

I turned my attentions to Alcatraz who was closing in. I wiped off the blood from my neck and squeezed to the venom as I thought it necessary. It wasn't, but it was like ritual. The wound healed quickly.

"I know you're angry - But what are you going to do?"

"I don't have any qualms with you Paethos - just allow me to do what I wish to Charlotte."

"I can't, I wouldn't have allowed it when I was a vampire and I'm not allowing it now."

"As you wish." And his face twisted before my eyes into a beast, he came running into me at full pelt.

As he neared closer I grabbed him by his neck and held him into the air like a rag-doll. "You're going to join Lillith on earth and you're not going to hurt anyone - understand?"

"No." I pulled him from the air and avoiding the fangs I knew that hurt so much I kissed him as well. He also vanished.

Now when Charlotte is finished I think we'd both like to join you in Olympus. We can't do that yet. We'll allow Charlotte to do her errand but really we'd prefer it if we could resurrect Persephone, we need her killer to be there you see. I guess that's fair. The Gods are. Unless you want something or someone. I suppose that's true. It works though. Yes, but I do think you should have used less harsh methods. They work. Why change the habits of millenia? So what is it you plan to do with these vampires you've sent us? Well I'm going to give them a choice, but really not much. Such a good little Saviour you're turning out to be. Just fixing everything I've done wrong. Come now. You must join us. Give me a few moments and I'll get there myself.

Charlotte? Yes - you must stop this though, It's off-putting. Can you bring Lillith and Alcatraz's life cords if hades doesn't have them, I have a plan. I'm going to offer them their mortal lives back.

The End

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