A Truth RevealedMature


 “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!” Persephone’s cry echoed through the underworld’s palace. I stirred and glanced around, everything in my gaze coated by a crimson glare. The taste of my earlier victim’s metallic life remained on my tongue. Hungry…Scream….Persephone? Why…Gods…new gods...I could sense the new presence besides Hades, it was feminine and powerful. The problem was, which god it was and why had she killed Persephone? I moved to my hands and knees stretching. Lilith was plastered at the back of her cage, her eyes upon me as I sat and looked to her.

“What?” I growled. She frowned a bit and hugged her legs against her chest. I sighed and moved as close as the bars would allow me to her. “Lilith…are you alright?” she buried her face and let out a small cry. “Lilith…” I pleaded, stretching just enough that she could grab my hand. Her eyes flicked to me, then my hand, and there she sat frozen for the longest time. A small smile tugged at her lips and she took my hand, squeezing it tightly.

“Alcatraz…I…I-“ the room’s door burst open and Hades stormed in. Blue flames exploding across his path. Lilith and I retreated our hands and watched as the god fumed and ranted.

“Damn it, Artemis! You knew they’d come for their true lovers! You knew, and now my Persephone is dead! Killed by one of your precious new gods. Are you happy now? Are you happy Artemis!” I paced and watched as Hades's angry eyes flicked to me. The door to my cage burst open and his cold hands latched to my throat. 

"I command you to kill her! Kill both of them!" I chocked and struggled in his grasp. 

"W...Who are...y...you talking about?" I gasped as he tossed me against the wall then appeared before me, eyes glowing white. 

"Paethos and Charlotte are now gods! They came back to take their true loves to Olympus and you vampires back to earth!" My head swam at the idea. Being abandoned by Charlotte for her love...her true love?! His heart shattered, he had loved her. With his heart, soul, and body.

The night they had gotten back after battling the gods, they had kissed...shared passion and...I screamed and smashed my hand into the wall. Hades smiled and pressed his cold hand to my forehead. The insanity returned with a ravaging hunger, the instant sweet smell of Hades's veins made me growl and my entire eyes to go crimson. 

"No you fool, kill them, kill the lover that betrayed you!" I ignored him, Charlotte would get what she deserved later and Paethos...I had not qualms with him. I jumped at Hades only to be thrown against the opposite wall. Lilith cried out and called to me, trying to encourage me on. Tears dripped from her eyes as she starred at me. We had both been abandoned by those we loved, only to be rescued cause we were good friends...not true loves! I jumped just barely drawing blood from Hades, this time. 

"I will kill you!" I roared hearing the door open behind me. "Paethos!" I hissed backing in front of Lilith's cage. "You and Charlotte shall hurt us no more!" 

The End

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