My mussels begin to tense, like I was going into to battle. I was scared. I had never had to fight Hades, and hell, I was prop ply going to get killed. If that’s possible.

I reached into my back pocket and pulled out a little knife, I pushed the button on the side that made into a full fledged sword. I held it close in my arms, and begin to run. I felt my blood get hotter, my heart rate growing faster.

I found my self in a house. I followed the hallway to one door. I stopped and begin to think. What was I going to say to him? Come on good buddy, meet Peter, the boy I’ve been in love with since I could walk! I laughed to my self, and kicked down the door.

I hared Lillth screaming when I did so. I noticed the room. It looked like a eight year olds.

“Where’s the eight year old?” I asked.

“Pardon?” said a girl.

“ You know, they would be around 2530 days old.”

“This is my room.”

“Oh.” I said. “You might want to levee.” She walked past me. I grabbed her be her dress and pinned her down, slashing her throat.

“WHAT THE HADES IS GOING ON!” she yelled. I laughed as she turned too stone. Than I faced my real channgel. Hades or Hell.

The End

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