Foresaken? No...Mature

"Paethos, I've had a lot of time to think of this. I've watched you throughout the years - as is my position as your..."

"True love?"

"Yeah. And I've watched our descendants, I know every single one of them."

"So... ?"

"I love you Paethos - I've always loved you, through all these years of evil and killing and even though you left me at that dock two hundred and ninety six years ago. I know you've moved on... I've resigned myself to that."

"Hephzibah... i never stopped loving you. And I won't leave you again. I can't. I'm going to Save you from here - and then IF ARTEMIS WOULD BE SO KIND AS TO TAKE YOU TO MOUNT OLYMPUS. We'll sort it out."

"But what about Lillith? She's dead."

"And so are you - but not anymore..." I gave her a quick kiss, something tender and sweet, as she had on the day we realized our love for each other in June of 1715. "And I'm saving Lillith too."

"Paethos - I know I'm a little old fashioned."

"As I am."

"as you are, but you can't have us both."

"I won't. Lillith never lived long enough as even a mortal - she's only thirty three. Come with me and be a God."

"OK... but please tell me you'll do right by Lillith?"

"Of course."

Artemis - take Hephzibah to Mount Olympus. Certainly, but she's right - you'll be in a big mess if you bring them both back. Lillith, not being my true love as you put it - would never be there always. Hephzibah has, and will be. I never did stop loving her even though she died in my mind long ago. So your plan is? Now that would be telling.

I ran at a breakneck speed, I couldn't run like this before! This is something new! I'm sure I could feel the presence of Persephone or Hades close.

I'm going to save Lillith as well - I've done her wrong as I've done wrong by others - and this time - it's going to go right. I'm going to Take her back to when she became a vampire and let her have her normal mortal life.

I only hope that this is more than the right thing. It is... I see you've really fit into your role. I'm just doing something I should have done years ago. I shouldn't have let this all happen. We all make mistakes. None if it was a mistake - but if you want, I'm undoing all that I've wronged. I've forsaken Hephzibah and I've saved her, I am not leaving Lillith. I can't love her as I did now that Hephzibah is back. But I can do right by her. 

The End

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