Starved and ForsakenMature


I paced the cage in Hades's main room, all my pent up hunger and fatigue driving me up a wall. I had become to starved that I had resorted to gnawing  on the bars and biting my wrist. The blackish red blood that poured from my own veins tasted like slick tar and was hard to swallow. Fang scars were dark, a stark reminder as he healed over and over. Language had broken down into snarls and indistinguishable  noises and the entire vision was covered by a red hue. 

"Alcatraz!" Hades chuckled, pushing open the large black doors. I threw myself at the cages bars and growled, I could just see his warm golden God blood radiating under his skin. The memory of it's taste was driving me insane. The god smirked at me while black mist radiated from his feet and began to cover the floor in the room. "Persephone, bring in Lilith," he called.

Another cage on rollers was pushed into the room by the young girl. Lilith looked as bad as I did. Starved, half insane, a primordial monster. She glared at me, I returned the gesture. In hell you didn't make or keep friends, you lost them. Persephone turned and left, her eyes seemed to be hiding something...crucial information.

"Ready to start apologizing to your long dead family Alcatraz?" Hades taunted, collapsing into a tall, cushioned chair. The hood of my jacket was drawn over my face to keep any extra light from my eyes, my fangs had become larger and sharper, everything about me was subtly different...dangerous.

I hissed at the God and shook my head, he lazily raised an eyebrow and snapped his fingers again. Bright pink flesh, in revealing clothing was now in the middle of the room.About 15 feet from my and Lilith's cage. Saliva dripped from my mouth and I grinned, pacing around the cage. The human's eyes flicked nervously around, she was too scared to ask where she was. 

"As an offer of good faith, I will feed you...vampire. Maybe with a bit of sanity you could speak..." a wry smile told me that something was up, Hades was on edge...but why? The human girl had chains shackled around her wrists that started to draw her to my prison. I must have looked like some crazed animal from a zoo, pacing and waiting, knowing the inevitable. The girl shouted, crying out as she struggled. Good...I like 'em feisty! 

An invisible thrust shoved the girl against the cage bars, she yelped but had no time to move. My mouth was between the bars and locked to her neck, my eyelids fluttered. I had forgotten the taste of blood, it's delicious details and velvety texture. How it's warmth poured down my throat and heated my stomach. Struggling under me, the girls movements grew slower and slower. The blood leaving her and nourishing me, oh the circle of life. 

When I had drained her gracious veins, I lapped at the wounds, wishing that she would pour blood like a fountain. So he could drink until he was fat, happy, and sane. A loud thunk sounded as the girl's shriveled body fell to the ground and I retreated to a corner, licking my lips. 

"Better?" Hades asked. I nodded and pulled my knees up to my chest, arms wrapped around my legs. "Good, now you can start apologizing and repenting. Maybe you'll be done before your two God friends get here." I snorted. 

"None...of my...friends are...Gods." Words came back to me slowly but I was still starved, insane, and ready to kill. Hades laughed and slapped his knee, obviously enjoying himself. 

"Don't you remember? Charlotte and Paethos became gods to save you...only problem is they won't. They will save their true loves."

"We...are....their true....loves." 

"No, these people loved them before immortality. Charlotte loved a boy named Peter and Paethos loved a young girl who bore his child, Hephzibah. They were never truly in love with you as both of you believed. Face it, eternity in hell is all your going to get. Your friends will forsake you! They will!"

Hades seemed proud of himself and I shut my eyes. Maybe eternity in hell would be all I was ever destined for...after the fires...the murders and- Before my thoughts could continue, fatigue tugged against my tired body and I was quickly asleep on the floor of the cage. 

The End

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