I watched Paethos talk to what’s her face. Now..wheres Peter. I walked straight ahead, looking every where. Than I saw him. Just the way he looked when he was killed. Ugly.

“Peter?” I asked. He looked up, and gasped. And begin to walk away. “Hi? Hello? It’s me. Same as ever.” I begin to run.

“No, no your not. Your older, hotter, defeat.” Hotter, I laughed. He was as ugly as a onion.

“Listen, I need you help. Is Cole around?” I asked like we just bumped into each other on the street instead of in hell.

“No, Charlotte. He’s not. I’ve never seen him in Hell. What do you want?”

“To kiss you.”


“So I can get my boyfriend and friend back.”



“Cause I don’t want to.”

“Well, than I’ll make you.” I grabbed his head, and pulled it toward me. I’d only kissed him once, and that was for a dare.

I pushed him off me after I thought the job was done, kicked him and walked to where I believed Hades had them.

The End

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