Oh my Go... me?Mature

It was odd, getting used to this 'new' body. It was so unlike the change from human to vampire and yet it reminded me of it fully.

My hair had been cropped short in it's curls until it barely passed my ears, my eyes were no longer the violet gray I'd become accustomed to - they were my human green. The green I could only remember until now. I was toned, some would say muscular before, but not... well lets say I found all physical things much easier. I also found myself to me much older. I looked as if i was in my late twenties according to Charlotte. I still didn't know which God I had replaced though.

I can hear you more clear now - You've taken the place of Hermes. Didn't you notice the winged shoes? We thought of it as a fitting role. So who will Lillith be? She isn't going back if I find her. Who said you're going to get her back? You did. You could always get Hephzibah back. She would take on the role of Hestia very well. Stop it now. My life has changed... And it's changed again young God.

Artemis's words stung in my ears still. Hephzibah; I hadn't thought of her much recently - in fact, I think I'd allowed her to disappear from my mind completely. Now she was back in ail her glory and pain and it burned more than my muscles had with hunger only ten minutes ago.

I can only remember her face - how she cried for me and told me that I had a child. Now I may even see her again and it hurt. But I couldn't bring both her and Lillith back? And I couldn't fore sake Lillith for her. Anyway - she'd be an old woman, and not interested in life again. I tried to soothe myself, but it didn't help much.

How could I be a God and a nervous wreck about going into hell?

We stepping in through the boned gates. "OK - so we'll most probably bump into... into... our."

"True loves?"

"...true loves, before we get anywhere near to Alcatraz and Lillith. Now you're going to have to act without thinking too much, the Others can hear us very clearly now we're sort of them same. Got it?"

"Got it - so what's the rough plan... just so I don't go around killing randomly."

"They'd come back here you numb skull - you can't kill them."

"It was a figure of speech."

"OK. Well. Get in - try not to die - not that it'll mean much and Artemis is kind of desperate for us to be Gods. Get Alcatraz and Lillith. Take them to Mount Olympus. What happens after that is their own choice."

"I hope this won't be too difficult."

"It won't be the other dead we'll have to worry about. It's Lillith, Alcatraz and our... you know... as well as Hades and Persephone that will be the main players. Try not to fall into any of their traps."

"They won't have trapdoors in hell."

"I wasn't being figurative but you know what i mean - can you please just stop the literal speech for five minutes... I'm kind of desperate to get in there and out as quickly as possible."

"OK, OK, hold your horses. We actually have as much time in the world... we could wait here for five millenia and nothing about the situation will change - so just explain it."

"I can't Artemis is kind of listening. Just try not to let on exactly what you're doing... try to think in riddles or something."

I like riddles. Shut up - we're having enough difficulty without you listening.

"Just let on a bit?"

"No. anyway - the sooner we do it the sooner it's over. Ready?"



"Lets just get going."

And we took off at a run into hell, almost on autopilot. I tried to clear my mind but all that I could think of - which made me feel oddly adulterous - was Hephzibah. Her image seemed burned into my eyes. I can't think straight - I'm not used to this body yet.

Thats when I bumped right into her. She hadn't changed. Oh my Go ... me? Nice to get you're getting used to yourself. She's still as pretty as you remember right? She didn't die old like you'd have hoped.

The End

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