Major ChangesMature


The gold begin to tingle all over. I held my eyes closed tightly. What the hell did she mean he wasn’t my true love? Is for some reason Peter alive, infect, I don’t rember him dying. Hmm.. I pushed up off the bottom of the pool and reached the top.

I felt funny. Like I was a new person. Every thing on Mount Olympus looked the same. Paethos came up right after me.

“Do I looked diffent?” I asked him.

“Yea, do I?” His long curls where now short. His body looked  Goddly .


“If you two really want to save them, you are free to go.”

“Ok. But, you said what kind of God we where able to pick? What am I?” I asked.

“You, Charlotte, are more of a fighter or power seeking God. Your kinda taking over for Ares, I suppose.” she said. I nodded and exited the pool.

We disappeared from Olympus, and came to the house.

“Soo, who is the true love?” I asked.

“I was just about ask the same.” he said.

“Well, F.Y.I., I was pregnant, so don’t go pulling that over me.”

“What do you mean you where pregnant? You where married?”

“Hell no! I was fucking raped. Than, I found out I was pregnant, and than they just decided to turn me into this monster I am.” He raised his eyebrow.

“Is that why you always cry when you here of a rape?” I nodded. “That explains a lot.”

“ You never answered my question.”

“Her name was Hephzibah. I guessed you got the rest?”

“I did.”

“Who was yours?” I sighed. The only person in the world I could think of was Peter. He saved me the first time, not the second, than again..

“HOLY SHIT!” I yelled.


“I just figured out something major.”


“Peter is still alive, and is one of us. He fucking rape me. My own fucking brother know that. He didn’t stop it. FUCK!” I was screaming now. Trying to rember those horrible days. When I wasn’t being raped, I herded voices. Two. My brothers and Peters.

“Um..I’m lost.”

“I know who I have to kill when we get back form Hell.” I said and walked inside.

The End

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