Never Trust a GodMature

Charlotte and I arrived at Mount Olympus as soon as the Gods allowed. Artemis was already waiting in a pool of liquefied gold.

"Ready?" She pulled her arm out of the 'waters' and beckoned us to join her in the pool.

"I told you Artemis - we're not going to become Gods." I clenched my fists.

"Actually - you forget, you stipulated that Lillith was supposed to be dead."

"Yes - I remember. But you forget - You can bring your true love back from the dead." I had read this years and years back and hoped it to be true.

She laughed and the gold rippled like water. "You're an idiot. I know you hate to admit it - but she isn't you true love bloodsucker." So it was true... wait, what? This isn't how I wanted to admit this.

I could have throttled her then and there but I knew even touching the gold would have turned me into a God. "I think you should explain."

"You true love bore your child, and your descendants still walk the earth. We know."

Charlotte shot a horrid look at me. "Look Char - That was my old life. And I never spoke of it because it hurt too much." Fuck - I hate myself sometimes.

"You can't not tell us that sort of thing Paethos!"

"Bloodsuckers, bloodsuckers - please. We don't like heated arguments here anymore. And although it is evident that Lillith is no Hephzibah, there is a way."

"I've never heard of Hephzibah, so that's of her name."

"Just shut up Charlotte. I'm not bringing this up. And Artemis, we all get a second chance at true love. She's been long dead. I have Lillith now, just tell me what I need to do to get Lillith back."

"Well, if you want Hephzibah back you can easily do that - you're naturally attracted to her life-force. Lillith will be a bit more difficult. You'd have to find her - and the longer you stay in the underworld. The more you'll age, you'll be dead within five minutes. Just think of how many people are in the underworld." She started to circle us like a vulture.

"I didn't want a lecture, and my life has changed. Gods dammit. Just tell me how I can get Lillith back."

"You're a jerk. You'd fore sake your true love just to get Lillith? I know she's my friend but that seriously is a bit low belt."

"Charlotte - I've gone through this situation I don't know how many times in my head. It will not happen. My life has changed and Hephzibah will not be the same. She married someone else and had her own life. Let me have mine."

This stunned the whole of the immediate area into silence. "I think I understand... Can I get Alcatraz back?"

"No. He's from the wrong time frame - obviously not your true love either." Charlotte narrowed her eyes - cautious because Artemis still was soaked in the gold.

"So what do we have to do... or won't you tell us?"

"Well if you are Gods you can enter the underworld at anytime. You can age - and undo as much of it as you wish. Become a baby again if that's what you want. Although that's just God territory. What it means is you could get them back." She extended her dripping arm. 

"Exactly how."

"The only thing that could can do to bring them back. Kiss them."

Charlotte recoiled from the arm. "I'd rather die and be with him."

"I'm afraid you can't do that either. Paethos knows it... you think you became vampires because of the things you did. You're vampires because you aren't ready to die, we don't want to keep you in the underworld. We can bring you back here and repeat this again and again."

"Yet you killed Lillith and Alcatraz?"

"That is a price we were willing to pay to get you two my dear Charlotte. Now what type of God would you like to be."


" of us has to... I'll do it. I've lived longer than you and I'll live longer if I have to. You and Alcatraz can be happy and live on earth... I need to pay back for everything I've done." I resigned myself and leaped for the pool.

Charlotte caught me in midair and threw me to the ground.

"No. There has to be another way."

"There isn't."

"And how do you know?"

"It's been their plan all along."

"Well, I'll give it to him Charlotte - at least he could see that."

"I just knew that we couldn't trust them at all. But I too was stupid enough to let you get away with it."

"Well you did. I'd get off him, what would Alcatraz say?" Charlotte dragged herself off of me.

"We'll do this together."

"There isn't any turning back you know."

"He's right."

"I don't need your injection of witty comments Artemis."

"Sorry, I'm just helping you make a decision."

I leaned over to Charlotte's ear and whispered so low I knew that she'd struggle to hear - I didn't know if the Gods could.

"Bite me... kill me. I'll get them both."

"They'll bring you back and we'll be here again. Lets just get this over with."

"OK. I hope you don't regret this."

"I already do."

And we held hands and jumped in.

The End

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