Welcome to the UnderworldMature


Cold white fingers wrapped around my wrists and lead me past the river Stixx.  The walking dead glared at me with their soulless hateful eyes. The envied my immortality, how when they had maybe lived forty years, I had lived over four hundred years. 

"This way," Hades commanded. A large black, onyx stone palace with large angry spires seemed like teeth from a large angler fish. I shied back but the undead tugged me forward, making me fall into the black charred earth. Clouds of ash and dirt burst into the air as chuckles were directed at me. Hades kicked my ribs and barked at the gouls to pick me up and carry me into his home. Spitting out blood and earth, I stood on my own, wincing as more pain tore through my chest. 

"I can make it on my own!" I growled, walking in front of the group. The road we moved across was paved with sleek and bleached white bones, immaculate as opals. A young girl's pale frame with long blonde hair and sharp blue eyes greeted us at the door. I recognized her as Persephone, the daughter of a god trapped in Hades for half the year. She offered me a warm smile as Hades, her, and I moved into the main lobby area. 

"Persephone, take him to your room and do what you will. I have souls to harvest and guide. He is your charge." She nodded, her hand grasping mine and leading me up a rough iron staircase. 

"Listen, while...Hades doesn't like Vampires, I kinda admire you." She blushed, leading me down a long hallway, pictures of places on earth littered the walls. "Here," she said softly pointing to the door. I turned to knob and looked inside, almost bursting out laughing. The room was entirely colored in pinks, reds, and purples. Leave it to a girl to cheer up a small piece of the underworld. 

"Alcatraz?" A familiar voice asked, as I turned around Lilith wrapped her arms around me and held me close. "What do we do now?!" 

The End

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