Bad news, Old friend.Mature


I stood in a co nor of Hoister trying to pick a top. Did I want blue, pink or green. I turned to the young girl be hide me.

“Miss?” I said.

“Yes, how can I help you?”

“Which top is better on me?”

“Blue, it SO brings out your eyes.”

“Th..” I was cut off.

“CHARLOTTLE!” yelled a familiar voice. I turned around to see Eris, the Goddess of Chaos walked into Hollister boldly wherein a top that read ‘Aero.’ “COME HERE!” I handed the girl a twenty, enough to cover the top and leaving her a tip, and ran over to Eris.

“What?” I asked.

“There a problem. A big one. Follow me.” she gripped my hand and dragged me towards the parking lot, than to my car.

“Don’t kick of push, or swear when I tell you this, ok?” I nodded.

“Alcatraz has been taken to Hades. Along with Lillth.” The next reaction was instant. I dropped to the ground, sobbing, swearing, say things to the Gods I can’t repeat.

“How do I get him back?” I asked after Eris lifted me into the car.

“That’s the thing, Char. There’s a meeting on Olympus about it. Your going to be taken there. Along with Paethos.” I nodded, and hugged my knees.


“Soon, I’m guessing. Like now.”

“O.K, will you be there?”

“No, sadly I’m not in the Order of Apollo. I’m not allowed on Olympus till the trail is over.”

“Trail for what?”

“The blood trailer, silly.”

“The what?”

“The thing they will use too change you into a God. Don’t worry it won’t be for a few weeks. But, you will have to agree to it to get him back.”

“I’ll kill to get him back. God so help me I will.”

Than I puff of smoke covered me, taking me away from Eris.

The End

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