Dessert for oneMature

As we finished up our fish course which was also one of the most amazing experiences in my long life, Lillith left me to go get some blood. I for one felt fully satisfied, even more than fully satisfied with the human food. I hadn't eaten more then her thought.

The dessert came out, a "creme brulee avec mini-biscuit et espresso", or burned cream, tiny biscuits and tiny strong coffee to all the english speaking people out there. I hurriedly ate it, barely enjoying these new flavours. I was getting worried. Lillith never took this long.

I put a crisp fifty dollar bill in the waiter's hand and ran from the room, searching for my love. I searched the air for her scent. She was somewhere to the left of me - about a second away if I didn't care how fast I was going.

I left at my own breakneck speed, not caring what the mortals thought if a person suddenly vanished from their sight. The scene I saw was horriffic.

Lillith was laying on the ground, her prey drained and slumped in the brief draft of sunlight in that alleyway. Noticing me, Hades pulled a thinner cord than I had seen while on Mount Olympus. This one, had a label on it. This one was Lillith's.

He blew the dust of years not dying from the cord and snapped it cleanly in his hands. "See you later. Fellow God." What did he mean by that?

Artemis! WHY did that just happen! Well, she broke the rules all vampires that break the rule will be halted to hell. Did we not tell you? You neglected to mention them. Well we said to enjoy the sun, the food. Didn't say anything about blood. Well, it wasn't obvious not to.

I scooped her body into my arms and walked from the alley, not caring if the humans could see me. I stepped into the light.

Lillith's body started to heat up in my arms, was she going to come back? Then she burst into flame and was done in an instant. My only love in my whole miserable second life, more than dead. There wasn't even her body to mourn for.

That is it! Take me to Mount Olympus. We thought you'd never ask, do you think Charlottle would like to join you. I'm sure she'd be interested too. No, this is between you and me. Oh, she'll be ever so upset. Why?  Because Alcatraz broke the rules too.  Then bring her too. If this is what you wanted. You got it.

The End

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