Drag me to HadesMature


Sunlight...it was the manifestation of human life that I always avoided as a vampire. But now I was strolling down the streets, like I was human again. Moving through shops that had always been closed at night, taking in smells and sights that I never seen before. The whole adventure was a sensory overload and it made my mouth water, both for blood and the mortal food that my tongue hadn't tasted in over four centuries. 

Finally I broke down and sat in coffee shops, apparently all the humans around the area needed their coffee like vampires needed blood. Whatever drew them to this 'Starbucks' had to be good. A young waitress in a mint green shirt and black slacks walked over to my table. 

"Hi, Welcome to Starbucks." she grinned at me, like all the girls did whenever I passed them. I smiled back to her and gazed out the window, watching as people and cars hurried by about their day. "Is there anything I can get ya'?" she asked. I nodded and leaned close to her face, her breath became shaky and she nervously smiled. 

"I'll take whatever you love and maybe you and me could share a drink?" A quiet giggle escaped her lips as she turned and headed behind the counter to get my drink. So is this what a humans life is like in this time? Coffee, cell phones, fast cars, pretty woman...what a sheltered existence we've been living. The waitress returned and placed two coffee mugs on the counter. 

"I'm on break," she whispered and took a seat across from me. "Oh and your drink is Clover Brew...black coffee with hints of chocolate and mint." I nodded and took a sip of the hot drink. Closing my eyes, I drank deeply. The taste was so much different than blood...it wasn't bad at all. In fact if I could drink that everyday, with hints of blood my life might be complete. 

"What'd you think?" she asked timidly. I nodded and finally opened my eyes, relinquishing a warm sigh. 

"That was delicious!" I replied. The young waitress blinked then drank her own coffee, finishing the black liquid quickly. Standing, I moved around the table and hooked an arm around her shoulder. 

"You got a name sweety?"

"Laurana." I hummed and took her with me to the door. 

"I...uh...have to work in a few minutes." she replied sheepishly. I kissed her cheek and lead her out the door and into the nearby alleyway. 

"Don't worry this won't take long." I pushed her against the brick wall and gave a playful growl. Laurana yelped and her cheeks flushed red. While the coffee had sated my human thirst, I still needed blood. This time I didn't mess around with foreplay, grinned and showed my fangs. The girl yelped but just as I was about to drain her, a cold presence engulfed us and the girl fell dead in my arms.

"Hades!" I snarled spinning around. The god stood there, his arms crossed and his eyes narrowed.

"Even when you are given these gifts you revert to your predatory nature? Like a starved wolf?" I glowered at the god.

"So what, I'm still a vampire...who says I can't have a little fun?!" Hades reached his hand out and a pressure built around my neck, drawing me closer to the god until I was kneeling before him.

"You were supposed to see the errors of your murderous ways with these gifts and now you abuse them. By Order of Apollo I am taking you with me to the underworld, you obviously cannot appreciate what you have been given and thus have dishonored the gods!" As the human world faded around us I gave out one last cry for help.

"CHARLOTTE!" then the dark coldness of the underworld engulfed as Hades shoved me through the large boney gates of death.  

The End

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