Out and aroundMature


I watched the sun rise. Everybody was off walking around in the city. Me, I was just sitting there.

The suns rays danced across the sky. God, I just wanted to go run. I haven’t done a cartwheel.

I wonder.. What would happened. Hmm..

I begin to count, One, Two, Three, IT’S FRECKIN SAFE!! YAY! I THOUGHT. I ran into the grass, laughing. I begin to spin, laughing harder. God, I missed this.

I listened to the birds tweeting, the sweet smell of flowers. I missed all of it. I hard traffic some where in the distance. Than I realized, I never learned how to drive in the day time. That gave me idea.

I went inside, and changed into a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt. Than I fixed my hair, and grabbed my keys.

I got into my green bug, and drove done the drive way. I got on the freeway, and got in line with the rest of the motorist. I moved slowly, honking when the person be hide me did. Than, when I got of the freeway, I realized I didn’t have any where to go. I pulled over and check my wallet. I had a enough money to go shopping I guessed, and maybe pick up a snack later.

I begin to drive to the mall. This was going to be fun.

I stood up and walked over to the door. I laced my fingers over the golden door handle. I pushed the door open and felt the suns rays on my skin for the first time since I was a vampire.

The End

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