It was like bathing in pure warmth, the heat of a midday sun was something I'd forgotten completely. It was amazing. truly amazing. I couldn't think of anything more glorious until it was 'lunchtime'. I wasn't the blood thirsty beast I knew I was. Blood was ached for yes, but it wasn't the only food I yearned for. I yearned to have steak, with mashed potatoes and gravy, carrots, green beans. Chocolate mousse!

Lillith and I strolled the streets with high class couples. We went in antique shops and i marveled at items i would have thought of an the norm or even too modern and futuristic when I was born. Lillith didn't enjoy them as much as I and after a while steered be back to the streets. I could have bought it all. Very easily - legally!

I'd made my money when i was still a fledgling of sorts. Buying properties and selling them as my own great-great grandson, having inherited it. I didn't spend anything. The occasional change of clothes when my own had become too saturated with blood. Half keeping with the fashions - half remaining in my own style. which had become increasingly difficult. This last century had been the hardest for that - with womens styles becoming smaller and smaller until mini-skirts and tank tops - bikinis - all the norm. I was quietly disgusted at all the flesh on show. But my male body couldn't help but be  dazzled by it all at the same time.

I bought some new clothes - very similar to my current clothes - yet every so slightly different. A new tapering, a different design, motifs. Lillith didn't have money of her own so I paid for whatever she wished. These stunning gowns with colors that blended seamlessly, chiffon and lace and silks. Cottons dyed with expensive colors that were reminiscent of male peacocks. they delivered it at our house later on in the day.

"Paethos - are you hungry?"


"But not for blood?"


"Lets eat. I haven't eaten for so long."

"I haven't for even longer."

"I know darling. I know of some places."

She lead me into a bourgeois neighborhood, poets and novel writers seemingly spilling into the streets. The cafés filled with business men and women who wore androgynous clothing, the streets with couples sitting at glass tables, smoking and sipping coffee.

She lead me into a sun drenched café. Initially I shied from how bright it was but took to it like a fish to water after coaxing. She ordered for us. soups, fish, meat, dessert. It was a banquet and they weren't sure that these tow people would be eating it - or even paying. I paid in advance and they seemed to ease.

The first thing to arrive at our table was a loaf of warm bread and butter. It was wonderful - I could've eaten it always. However it was soon exhausted and a soup was brought out. The soup was spinach and Roquefort, absolutely different to anything I'd tasted in my life. It was salty - it was creamy - it had sustenance.

Blood is so incomparable to food. I must've thought this so many times. But this was a completely new experience. this food was so much better than i could think. this food was better than I'd had in life and the flavors so, stupefying.

The End

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