My eyes followed Paethos and Lilith as they walked towards the front door. I had no idea why they were going to the door, it was daylight outside which meant the sun.

“Hey Paethos…” I called after them but he just hugged Lilith closer to his side. “Are you guys insane?!” I shouted as his hand touched the golden door handle. I jumped up and turned to run after them but the door opened and sunlight streamed inside the house, engulfing the others.

Yelping, I jumped away from the light and found my only place to hide was a tiny shadow that stretched from the couch. My heart thundered in my chest as I cowered in my tiny shadow. Had they just…stepped outside…into the sun?! Suicide?! I shook my head, that wasn’t them…but then again the torments of the gods could have gotten to their heads. Messed them up so badly that they thought death…even burning to death by the sun, was a better alternative. No…no way.

“Paethos…Lilith...Dammit! What the hell were you thinking? Leaving Charlotte and I to contend with the gods on our own. Cowards!” I shouted to the streaming warmth of the sun’s rays that streamed onto the snowy white carpet. Tears were beginning to brim in my eyes.

“Alcatraz…what’s the matter?” I gaped at the two figures standing in the sunlight. They were arm in arm, smiling at me, fangs glinting in the day light. “Come on, don’t you want to see the sun? For real? How long has it been since you last stood in its warmth?” Every thought within my head rebelled at what was happening before me. This is the gods doing… Under my breath I mumbled an answer to Paethos’s question.

“416 years…since I was human, since I last basked in the sun.” Lilith held out a hand, inviting me into the light. I hesitated and slowly stuck my hand out into the light, quickly drawing it back in case I got burned. But nothing happened, I marveled as first my hand then arm and finally my entire body moved into the light without bursting into flames. Licking my fangs I moved closer to the two and offered them a weak smile.

“I’m getting hungry, starving actually, so I’ll see you two later.” Trotting past them, I moved towards city…a place I only knew by the dark of night, instead of the glowing warmth of day. Daylight just gave me extra time to toy with humans and drain them. What about Charlotte though…what will she think of this?

The End

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