From a Curse to GiftsMature

I never realised how amazing the peal of laughter was - how glorious the birdsong is! Hearing is such a beautiful thing.

I see you're enjoying yourself again. Now you've seen a small bit of our wrath - why don't you enjoy some... gifts per se. And what would this entail... any catches? What do you take us for? No catch - just enjoy a slice of being a God. How about, food? Sunlight? would you like to have them both? For a while of course. I don't wish for any of these things. Why can't you leave us? Because we want you to join us. You and Charlotte at the least. We'll give you the gifts, all you have to do is say yes. Just to our gifts. Then fine, yes! Just leave me alone. Enjoy yourself - I suppose you'd like the others to have them too though - can't be alone in paradise? What do you mean, you can't bring them in - there never is a free lunch. Au contraire, when you said yes - you said yes for all. Enjoy yourselves bloodsuckers!



"Want to see the sunrise?"

The End

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